Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hospitality Sunday at Ci Hilda's and Ko Rusmin's

After church, there was a special event called Hospitality Sunday!

Ko Rusmin and Ci Hilda were willing to open their house for us. Ate there for lunch!

Ate steamboat..

I apologize for the super simple sentences used. Should have used proper paragraphs instead but I am too lazy to catch up. I have to many blog drafts to be uploaded! T_T

Ci Hilda

Played xbox

Ci Lily, ko Howie, Evie, Tante Alice, Chris, Nick and Ci Hilda

w/ Ko Rusmin

Spent hours there eating, chatting, playing xbox!!! Burning all the food we ate that day! HUAHAHA..

Then at around evening-ish, everyone started going home. I also went home too with Tante Alice. Before going home, we stopped by Coles to buy groceries. I had to buy a mybus ticket too. --" 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Korean BBQ and Snow Monkey

As you know, this is another late post, long back even before the hospitality sunday post. And by the first picture below you might tell that I am using nail polish, I have erased the polish now. That's another evidence of how late this post is. SORRY. But have a read on.

Went some shopping and bought this oat slice. It was scrumptious despite it being a little heavy for just a block of energy bar.

ate this for lunch
Had my second one-to-one session with Ci Icing. We continued on reading Paul's letters to Timothy. In a nutshell, there were two main points on the passage we read. Firstly, we discussed about how important for us to pray for the leaders of the world. In addition to this, we should also pray for every individual to hear His word. Jesus has given himself as a ransom to all of us and we should spread the good news to all people around. It is pleasing in the sight of the Lord for us to pray for them so that they know the truth. The second half was about the structure of order that God has created through men and women. Men and women were created to avoid chaos. Men being the head of the family. Like the expression, too many cooks spoil the broth, likewise, if there were two heads in the family, a family might become chaotic. Moreover, men should pray to control anger or quarrelling (v.8) while women should dress appropriately to show godliness (v.9).

Then during the evening, went out with Ci Icing and the other dudes to Campsie (I have not a single clue how to spell this) to eat Korean BBQ. I, being less observant that night, did not even pay attention to the name of the restaurant.

blurry ko victor

blurry lips Ci Icing

Ko victor, boyo, ko freddy

the waitress was beside me trying to light up the stove. She was taking so long. --" 

side dish


capjae! my favorite korean dish


Then after filling our stomachs with mouthwatering Korean cuisine, we went on buying desserts at a Yogurt place called Snow Monkey.

Unlike any other yogurt shacks that always have a theme of cuteness inside the place, this place's authenticity stands out from the rest of those cutie yogurt shops. Snow Monkey's interior pretty much has a caribbean beach theme with these tropical vegetation pot plants, white patio chairs and tables, surfing boards as tables, and the wall is filled with imaginative drawings. Not to mention, the music playing in the background as we entered the shop, every single track was a hip hop rap song brought by (if I was not mistaken) Snoopdog. It kinda reminds me of a place in the SimsUrbz for some reason. Lol. #SimUrbzPlayerswillknow.

the watermelon flavour is the best. with pomegranate, lychee, marshamallow toppings. 

the other side of the table. 

ci icing on the slide. 
Back home, I was still uploading my PPIA photos to the PPIA facebook group using Ci Icing's computer. Fortunately she has got photoshop on her PC, and I was able to borrow it and use it to mass watermark all the photographs I took during Indonesian Night Market.

Ci Icing was preparing the food for the hospitality sunday held at her place!

pork satay


in you go the oven
That's basically it. I once more, didn't attempt to study anything for the mid-exams. Except for the fact that I had skimmed through some biology lecture notes before dinner, but that didn't help cause we were in a hurry and nothing was stuck in my brain.

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