Friday, January 31, 2014

The Year of the Wooden Horse

Nastar <3
Happy Chinese New year everyone especially those who celebrates this wonderful event. I don't have much photos about Chinese New Year but let me just share what I did during CNY.

We started really early, at 7:30 we were already on our way to my grandma's house. Then from there we proceeded to my mom's side of the family first, saving my dad's side of the family last to be visited.

At around 5-ish we finished our hongbao hunting and went straight home. At home, dad opened a bottle of wine and we all drank a glass. Well, I only took a few sips because I could not take in the super warm feeling as soon as the wine entered my mouth.

Again, 新年快樂! 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Reunion with Dennise and Willdy [Detention Room and Sumoboo]

Went to PIK food district for a reunion with Dennise and Willdy. We have separated our ways since we left the 10th grade. But we managed to meet up when we could :)

At first, Dennise and I ate at a restaurant called Detention Room. It is a detention-themed restaurant, but in my opinion, the theme was more of a prison-class-ish than a detention room. The jail sensation was maybe due to the cold grey wall.

Dennise's new Diana f+

fish and chips


Then after lunch, we grabbed desserts at Sumoboo, a toothsome-load of sweet delicacies for those dessert-foodies out there.

I actually finished this by myself. UNBELIEVABLE

nutella bomb

Dennise baked this appetising rainbow cake

not to mention this fantastic blueberry cheesecake was also made by Dennise! 

Dennise and wii's lychee beer

a wrong order- it was supposed to be ogura not vanilla

the right one. 

We had a blast catching up on one another but too bad the time was limited as we all had a family dinner we had to attend to as it was Chinese New Year's eve. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Been infatuated with Japanese culture these days as a result of reading too many shoujo mangas. I love Greeen too. Check out one of their musics down below. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

No friend as loyal as a book?

I have been reading a lot lately during my infinite spare time this summer. I am in constant curiosity of having to force myself to be doing something productive at the least. The piles of data inputing stacked in the corner of my living room has not been touched since the day I overdid myself in attempting to input 120 people into excel. My backbone ached. I am in need of a long table and a comfy chair. What I did wrong then was I used my piano as my table and as you all know, all piano chairs do not have a back support.

Speaking of mangas, I am in love with Nanajima Kana and Nana Haruta's artworks. They are simply amazing. Not to mention, they are my inspiration to draw again. I have been wanting to draw illustrations aside from manga, but the reel keeps on pulling me to the manga path. I have been struggling with comfort zones lately. Courage is indeed one of my lacking traits. Therefore, playing safe is just what I am sticking with this whole time, especially with drawing.


Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 5- Hongkong - Jakarta

I shared a bedroom with Cim, Vivi and Helen and it became awfully chilly at night. Today was the last day of our trip. It was unbelievably a fast trip. This post is going to be mainly about pictures but all pictures  were taken in a chronological order so you would have a picture of everything I did there.

In the morning, we at Dimsum just behind the apartment we were staying. I forgot what the restaurant was called but the dim sum tasted heavenly! The porridge was so good, I couldn't describe it with words.

Right after breakfast, we quickly went to Ocean Park!

dimsum breakfast

the ticket

nautilus shells

it was feeding time


sleepy panda

red panda's tail

i hope i didnt get any of the characters wrong

vivi's wish

super relaxing

I should have spent more time in the Old HongKong section. adorable vintage stores everywhere

the map

view from the ocean park tower

last picture before my memory card got full and had to borrow Hans' memory card for more snapshots

reminds me of the minions from despicable me 

waiting for the acrobatic show



about to watch Aqua Voyage

essential for travelling in HK! 

I had so much fun especially watching my first acrobatic show. The show was spectacular. Most favorite sight in Ocean Park. 

Afterwards from Ocean Park we headed to North Point to meet cousins living in Hongkong. Not to mention I have a niece who is as old as Helen. Me? An aunt? Seems surreal to be true. Their names are Tiffany and Jasriel (sorry for the spelling mistake.. hihi).. HI, this is a shout out! Since you're not going to tell me your blog's URL.. 

That night, an interesting dish was served, we were served Duck Feet. I am used to chicken feet but ducks? with their webbed feet. Whoah.. just whoah.. 

Anyway, after dinner, we headed back to pack up, bought some beef jerky before we left HK. We tried to catch a bus to the airport instead of catching the train but we missed the last bus. 

We took a nap at the airport as our flight was early in the morning. 

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