Friday, October 31, 2014

High Tea at Swissotel (Ft. Savitri)

It's the 31st of October and you know what that is, Happy Halloween everyone! Halloween is not that big here in Sydney but then again there are lots of discounts on the treats in all grocery stores.

Today, I had my first high tea with Savitri. We headed to Swissotel in the city to feast on our first tea and treats indulgence. Oo, I should have called this post "Tea or Treats", get it? Tea or treats instead of trick or treats. Anyway, were both incredibly excited!

the mocktail

ah that hair! 

super refreshing



we ordered Red Green Vanilla tea

the mousse is runny by the time we tasted it. 
It has been super long since Savi and I hung out and talked. We basically caught up with one another that day. I really cherish the times spent with everybody here in Sydney. 

By the time the waitress served us the treats, I asked her if there would be more coming. She replied that by the time we reached to the desserts (which was the top of plate), we would definitely be full by then. Yep, as you all know, I have underestimated it. Everything were kind of miniature in size so I thought I would still be hungry. However, as we started to devour and when we were up to the second plate, we were a bit stuffed. Never underestimate the power of high tea. 

Suddenly a random thought popped out in my mind, I really wanted to make videos during my time here in Sydney. I hope this thought become a reality and not just a mere imagination. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Chocolate Festival

Join me in the fun as I venture through the Chocolate Festival at the rocks

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