Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Santa turns 21

Wishing the very best to this hongkie girl, Santa! Happy birthday! There was a bbq party in which she organised by herself to celebrate her 21st birthday.

groupie photo

happy birthday!! that number 2 candle was weird because I broke it out of panic
I had to leave early because Vivi had an accident and she chipper her teeth. I had to accompany her to the dentist. 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Good Food Great Catch

Now is the time to reunite with fellow comrades from first year. My freebie gals, my ex-neighbors from Terrace. Catching up with them after all we rarely see each other the end of year one. So we went to the most hipster place aka NEWTOWN. The last time I was in Newtown was also with Bunga and Santa eating at Pie Tin. Best pie in town.

At first, we nibbled on Vietnamese cuisine in Thanh Binh. I am a fan of Vietnamese food and must I say the food there is great. Service was great but one catch though the waiter kept on calling us young ladies.  

PIE TIN <3<3 well the time shows more than 3, anyway (just scroll downwards if you guys don't get the joke)

the maltesers pie we ordered

the lemon brullee

a kind stranger took this photo.

aww audrey hepburn !

this is so lovely

i really love all the graffiti works in newtown walls

lol i'm the only focused one here. awkies..
Afterwards, I went back and got ready to go to mascot to Ko Danju and Ci Copin's place for dinner. I was late.

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