Friday, August 30, 2013


Drew this during my friend's math tutorial class. I was crashing in at her class! The tutor almost caught me drawing but it was absolutely a relieving thing that my friend blocked my art piece from his hawk eyes.

Songs Of The Day #SOTD

Fallen in love with these songs! 


Thursday, August 29, 2013


I am sorry for neglecting this blog for quite a while. I am too busy in uni. I have tons of posts to write too. Tons of stories to share. I haven't got the "right" time yet. There are mid-exams coming soon as well. I would probably post something after I am done with the tests. 

Anyway, I am addicted to EXO's Growl! And I crave in having my fingers get hold onto the piano to try out the song for myself after watching a video I found on youtube! I can't precisely hit on the right notes though, but I really miss piano so much! 

Check out the vids! Watch the music video first before the piano version! You'll find how amazing the piano player is in being able to figure out the melody. Not to mention her improvisations are truly incredible. I am in awe! 

credits to Rainy Reynah
Check her awesome sound cloud as well! Click ME

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Alvin and Ci Fefe's Birthday Surprise

Yesterday, after psychology lecture, Kevin, Angel and I went straight from class to bake Alvin's bombastic birthday cake at Kevin's place. But before that, we stopped by at Coles to buy the ingredients.

Kevin is a great cook. He was incredible. I forgot what the recipe of the cake by now. This was the result of posting something so late. There were a lot of impromptu modifications with the recipe though. At first, we were just planning to smear the top of the cake with lemon. But then, there were cracks everywhere. That's why Kevin had to come up with a plan B which was making the icing.

The crust of the cake was a bit burned but overall, it looks so good. You can tell that it is absolutely made with our efforts and love.

So, I had to bring home the cake and put it in my fridge and wait till today to surprise Alvin. His birthday was yesterday.

So during anatomy lecture, we were all asking where Alvin was. There was no sight of him. And apparently when we read his text, he was not feeling so well and he decided to skip the morning lectures. We were dumbfounded by this thought. And, I know, it was egoistic of us to tell him to come to uni because we had prepared a surprise for him. The surprise turned out to be not a surprise. Tadaa.

It was kind of an awkward moment for us that with a huge cake like that, it was impossible for us to finish it with just the three of us. So, luckily, we saw Delvin eating alone in the canteen and brought him along. Not to mention, Kevin brought along some of his friends to enjoy the cake.

Alvin cutting the cake

medical science people. And yes, we are not all Indos. FYI.
Kevin, Angel, Me, James, JingSan, Bryan, Alvin and Delvin
After the celebration, we had to attend a chemistry lecture. So off we went. Afterwards, Angel and I had anatomy lab for three hours and thank God my stomach did not grumble today. phew.

Later that night, I had Focus Team. I believe I have not described Focus Team before. But then again if I ever had described it, twice is better than once. Basically, Focus Team is a course used to train all of the attendees about the ways to spread the gospel. I join the Two Ways To Live course every Tuesday night from 7 to 10.

After the course, we decided to surprise Ci Fefe! As it is her birthday that day!

ci fefe's guppy face >.<

dark group photo! 
After the surprise, digging into the cake, praying, we decided to disperse.

I was late for my bedcheck curfew. But fortunately, I met my resident assistant in the common room so that I could check in. phew. Another night of relief! 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Strawberry Cheesecake at Kevin's

BBQ at Kevin before facing the treacherous week of mid-semester examination. Woke up pretty early and met up with Alvin and we went together to Kevin's place and helped out with the dessert first.

the ingredients! 

Kevin in charge

biscuit crumbs for the base of the cheesecake

chips <3 We ate these with guacamole dip!

Water crackers and cheese! best combination entree ever

baby tomatoes <3

ikea meatballs

pizza for lunch! 

the cheesecake is READY

then Ribka came

pink and yellow pants



louis salting the eggplant


sour cream + chilli sauce = two thumbs up


making smokes

done with decorating the cheesecake

me, ribka, jesslyn and jacintha
It was balls of fun with all the cooking and eating! I felt so full! Felt really guilty as well from eating too much meat at one go. The cake was AMAZING as well. 
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