Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ci Hilda's Baby Shower

Ci hilda is almost due soon! Some of the girls at our church organised a baby shower for her. Look at that dessert table. Ain't that perky! I just love the theme colors. Or maybe I am just too biased with the green color selection. The touch of yellow just edges it up a bit which brightens up the whole room. Okay, I am acting like such an obnoxious critic.

steph made these mini wardrobe and onesie

a baby is brewing! 

ci ika organised a onesie decorating session

our team made this! am i giraffing you crazy ! get it? HAHA

the other onesie

for dinner, some of us went to campsie for a hotpot

best hotpot I have ever tasted! 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Aris and Cindy's Wedding

A gorgeous day to witness the tying of the knot between Aris and Cindy. I should say, 2015 is the year of weddings but this one is unique because it is an outdoor wedding instead of in the church. The view was breathtaking. I was in charge of the turning on and off of the music, and my face was greeted with striking warmth of Mr. Sunshine. 

oh by the way, I fell this morning and it really hurt my lower limbs. I could not walk fast and sitting down was a struggle. 

kacang bali

aww the newly weds! 

the speech givers

look who caught the bouquet ! 

tony catching the shadow of the turkey

afterwards we went to eat at Anita for some yummy sweets

it's been a while anita
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