Friday, February 28, 2014

Dessert Treat at MaxB

Reunited with bible study folks of Gereja Fokus Indonesia after a long holiday. It was really nice meeting up with them and also catching up with them. We started on reading the Romans series starting from tonight! So excited!

Afterwards, we spent sometime at Max Brenner in uni..

Kriska, Caro and sapi

Still in the process of packing up. Hope it could finish real soon. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

G'day in Sydney

I have arrived in Sydney and yet another full year to tackle! There were a lot of familiar Indos on the plane! It was super cool. I managed to bring the microscope safely.

We emptied our luggages as soon as we arrived in coogee, then headed to Cim's place to put our empty luggages there and went straight to Uni for o-week. The oweek was practically empty, there were less stalls. I didn't get much freebies.

pavilion's chicken noodle salad! legendary! 
Later on at lunch there were a Campus Bible Study pizza event, I was too full to even devour a single slice. I just love the feeling of losing my appetite after hours of spending on the plane. This always happen. I hope it would stay.. HAWHAW..

At night, we ate dinner at Sushi Tengoku! The best place to eat sushi in my opinion. The servings are satisfying. 

tasty macha ice cream

got this sprinkle cupcake all the way from US from a dear friend of mine called Laura

the cream cheese filling is too good to be true

gawwh cute bday card

how i love green tea
Despite the lack of sleep, I managed to go through the whole day without taking an afternoon nap to avoid some jetlag whatsoever. phew. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ci Lisda's Birthday

Happy birthday to Ci Lisda! Despite the oddities of having buns instead of the traditional birthday cake, I would like to wish you a wonderful birthday and all the best in life! Hope you like the gifts Cim and I gave you! 

yep i was wearing a pyjama
See you again soon ci! 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mango Tree Bistrobar

Had sort of a "last" lunch with family today to a Thailand Restaurant.

this is probably the last picture i took before my camera was exhausted
I can't believe Cim and I are going soon!! argh. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Vampire Academy

I was awaken with a recognisable voice talking on a phone which was of my mom's and a youtube video concerning Jimmy Fallon which Cim was watching early in the morning. I regained my consciousness and blurred out the scene I was in the middle in. The rambunctious sounds quickly triggered my sense back into reality. I could not put together the dreams I had for the past 10 hours nor had I the least hint of what I was dreaming about. What I remembered was there were two familiar characters arguing and I was watching them. Creepy huh..

Then at around 9, Dennise called me up and asked me to get ready as she was about to pick me up sooner than what we had planned the night before. I was excited plus in a rush just to get myself done before she picked me and Cim and Vivi up. Okay, too many use of the word "and", sorry there.. Getting less creative in spinning up with words.

Baywalk mall could possibly be my new favourite mall in Jakarta. Not only does it have a wide array of cute tasty shops, but also it is practically empty. I don't know how crowded it will be during the weekends, but we were there on a Friday and there was no one; disregarding the fact of us wandering the mall at noon and went back at 3. That must have explained it being so desolated.

Our first stop was at a Korean chicken restaurant called Kkuldak. A bee on the logo sign really allures customers in to glance what this shop is like.

gosh that kid is adorable <3

sweet and sour chicken

there are white tteokboki underneath

love love this


got our tickets

 next destination

avocado with coffee flavour

creme brulee 

cute syringe! 


with Cim

with dennise.. like a boss. LOL. 

the most adorable chalkboard ever,... these are the menu! see if you can read em.
each ice cream costs IDR45K 
Without a doubt, us girls talked a lot of course.. Then it was about time to head back to the theatre. Being enthusiastic on the whole vampire movie thingy.. It would be super duper spectacular. I have been waiting to watch this since the very start I pressed the trailer thumbnail on the side bar on youtube. This moment has finally come.. But to my utterly disbelief, Dennise and I were possibly the most critical not to mention noisy audience. There were an approximately 10 viewers in the whole studio. Therefore, we were pretty sure after the movie, audience that got disturbed with our useless critiques could just easily identify which ones who were complaining during the movie. There were literally so many goosebump moments not in a creepy way, but in a cheesy way in which you felt really disturbed with the ditsy sketches and all.. But overall, the movie was great, the characters were pretty amazing and the actors and actresses were GORGEOUS! 

This was probably the last time I saw Dennise before I headed back to Sydney though.. Oh yeah and Darren too.. Gonna miss them.. 
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