Saturday, October 1, 2016

LIFT Conference - Life in Exile

I just came back from a weekend away at LIFT conference. Read on to what I had been up to.

It all started from an impromptu decision in registering for LIFT. Basically LIFT stands for Looking Into Full Time. Full time in doing ministry. Firstly I thought LIFT is for people who are serious in being a pastor or an apprentice in the gospel. Well, that perception was altered when I myself went to LIFT for the first time.

Copin invited me to go to LIFT this year. I told her that I was not too sure at first since I was worried that my class tests would be on a Friday or a Saturday and that would just be in the way of the conference. So I told her if my exam was not during the conference period, I would come. Out of all odds, my tests were on neither those days but instead, on Thursday, and so since it was my resolution to be a woman of my word, I registered for LIFT. Maybe I just needed a getaway from my hectic assignment weeks. I just needed refreshment and went to Katoomba (a place I had never been before) to recollect my energy. I don't know.

To be honest, I might have the slightest thought of being a trainee but it would just because of people inviting me to do so. You may think I am a bit skeptical but I am trying my best not to be too caught on or bought by people's persuasions. Anyway, the fears of being an apprentice overpower the motivation anyway.

Personally, LIFT is probably the most uncomfortable conference I had been to. A chill getaway that I was hoping for turns out to be a constant smack on the face. Every seminars and talks just struck me and rebuked me in every way possible. It not only made me think but also reflect so much. I also realised that I am selfish. I was still aiming for worldly achievements and was only ready to spare a proportion of my time in serving God and not just my whole life. How selfish of a creation to its creator huh. I did not put my security and privilege in Jesus who has selflessly died on the cross for our sins. I was still seeking more things unconsciously.

Our Focus 1 Small Group
Regardless, LIFT has actually opened and broadened my view on ministry. There are a LOT of ministry applications not just limited to just being a pastor or a trainee. Serving the Lord requires a team work and you can basically serve in any ways. Like for instance working in a nursing home, spreading the gospel to inmates. I guess for now, even though I feel like being a trainee in doing ministry full time is not within my five-year plan. I feel the conference is quite beneficial to some extent that it challenged me in thinking about the possibilities and the ways that I can help with God's mission. And that at least I am also challenged to set my priorities straight and focus on the real deal while waiting for Jesus' second coming. How I long for it to come soon. 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Hello 2K16, How am I?

Hi, I have been extremely well and currently in the middle of my winter break in Jakarta. I can finally catch a deep breath and relax since it has been a really hectic year for me. As you know, I have completed my B.MedSci degree last year with the Viruses Course as my last exam and just recently, after a 6-month gap, I have been formally graduated with this incredible degree. 

Here's a recap on what I said on my FB event hosting the whole graduation thing celebration for all my close buddies to visit. I am too lazy to conjure up new sayings so here it is:

All the blood, sweat and tears have been shedded for this medsci degree. I am overjoyed to finally be able to wear an actual graduation toga while everybody else particularly the current students are facing the real battle at racecourse combating their hardest hurdle of the course. I used to be in that position, envying all the graduates on the Library Lawn cheerfully taking photos while I prepared my way for exams. But enough with the past! It's my turn now! Make way, puhlease! I know I might sound really obnoxious and honest, pardon me. Thanking God for this huge opportunity to be able to study and complete this bachelor degree where I can meet the most friendliest people on earth. 


autumn :) , sorry I am such a chink with those eyes

Anyway, right now, I am doing my Masters degree at Holmes Institute College. I guess the reason why this is my first post in 2016 is because I was a bit, actually not a bit, but TOO, tied up with juggling work with college. And since I am in Indo now with boredom knocking at my door every second, I would try to post at least frequently here but then again I would not want to make any promises since I am such a pro in not making it happen at all.

Another big news was that Cim and Jopil finally tied the knot. It was on the 4th of June that they decided to exchange vows and promise each other in front of God and others to be partners in life. I don't have any photos with me at all since I was of course the bridesmaid along with Vivi and Helen by default. I had to skip my Saturday class. What a bummer you know. Why should I take any classes on Saturday anyway. This is a lesson learnt.

We had to wake up very early for the wedding as you know with all the make up and everything. It was pouring as well. We were afraid that it would rain all day which it did. However, the rain did not stop the couple and guests from rejoicing such a celebration. Not to mention, the strong wind did not stop us from doing a photoshoot in The Rocks. The rain actually helped clear out people from the road. The Rocks was practically deserted. Moreover, the rain water glistened everything making it look highly saturated with vibrant colours. There were a couple of tourist groups mesmerised looking at us walking in a difficult manner with our high heels on a cold wet cobblestone streets. Falling was not an option my friend.

here's a sneak peak while we were waiting for the bride and groom taking their romantic photos in the rain

I guess that's pretty much of catching up with me. There has been a lot of updates regarding my Sydney exploration as well. I've been enlightened with the city route since the fact that I go to a college in the city. My navigation skills has improved which was amazing as I am just terrible with directions. I also just got rid of my super long hair. I was planning to donate it as soon as I go back to Sydney. 

My writing mojo is definitely out again. So stay tune for the next post. :) TTYL

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