Saturday, July 26, 2014

Last week of semester one break in a nutshell

I know this is a bit of a late post. I have tremendously busy. Semester two is super tiring and hectic. But this is a recap of what I had been doing during my last week of semester 1 break. Reminisce with me!

Happy 21st Birthday Kriska! 

Kriska's birthday was right after MYC this year. We surprised her at her place. Apparently it was her brother's birthday too. What a mere coincidence.

Meeting an old friend 

Carissa and her sister, Ci Celine, were here in Sydney. Haven't met Carissa in ages. The three of us caught up before they flew back to Melbourne that day. It was fun. We ate at The Sweet Spot Patisserie. The pear cake was spectacular. I could eat that all day. Afterwards, we went to Coogee Beach and then it rained. They needed to head back though to pack up. So long old friend! Till we meet again :)

the pear cake. idk the actual name of this


Eating Pudding at Blackstar

After church, we decided to go to Blackstar for a quickie treat. Ate the best pudding evaaaaa. Quality always comes with a price.

Happy 21st Birthday Pei2

Right after Blackstar, we surprised Pei2 too! She even sang a song for us which was really awesome for a birthday girl to do something for the audience. She was absolutely happy about the surprise.

Coogee Beach Stroll

Later that night, went back to Coogee beach..

Art Gallery Stroll 

A great day to go for an oogling walk at the gallery. Ate at Martin Place at Angel's Cafe. 

sonia forgot to pay this hot chocolate right after we asked for any job
availabilities right at this cafe in martin place. so embarrassing.

dessert time <3

Semester Two Orientation Day

Some of the GFI members went to orientation day to spread flyers around to new Indo students enrolling at semester 2 this year. We met a few Indos that day.

OxFam! nicole and rhoda

chinese society

Visiting The Planetarium

My first time every going to the planetarium! I saw Mars, Saturn, Jewel Box, Southern Cross, Scorpio, Alpha centauri. What an awesome experience. But I was expecting it to be more like a planetarium as shown from Eloise at the plaza scene. Again, I had this huge expectation about something and it did not end the way I expected. But all in all, it was a magical night, seeing through telescopes and observing planets and stars.

3D movie time

That's about it~ stay tune for more! 
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