Monday, February 25, 2013

City, Here I come

Finally after a few days wondering around the campus, completing the necessary to-do lists, I am able to step out of the campus to the city! It was on a Sunday, and like every other Sundays in my life, I go to church.

There is a GKY (Gereja Kristus Yesus) in Sydney. So I went there with Cim and Diana. Heard pretty good stuff sermons there. Oh yeah we have to ride the bus in order to reach there.

Then we ate lunch there! Ate white rice there! I miss rice so much

someone's cute baby staring at me and diana
Afterwards, we went to St Andrews Cathedral with Ci Chenny. 

After church, Cim, Diana, Ci Chenny and I went to eat! We ate at Meet Fresh, a shop selling grass jelly, shaved ice, and some sweet stuffs. It was really expensive. There was a similar shop available in Jakarta too. At Central Park, called the Black Ball (as you can see from my previous post), the price in Meet Fresh was twice as much as the one in Black Ball.


got this awesome gadget in which will ring when our dishes are ready

2 dishes for 4 people

Ci Chenny!

Kathleen, she's a friend of Cim's from GKY
We chatted there for quite a long time. Then we continued to St. Andrew's Cathedral of which I have mentioned above. This is such a super scattered post. From St Andrews, we went to a supermarket, the name in which I forgot right now, bought almond milk there. We were about to proceed our sightseeing but then, I got really bad blisters on my feet from a shoebite. aaa. That's why it was time to go home.

waiting for the bus
in the bus
I better start working on my other draft posts right now. So many things to be done :(

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Trip to Ikea, Tempe

Really sorry for the super late post! I'm still a bit worried about posting pictures from my room, I am afraid that I might exceed the limited charged internet.

Basically, last Saturday, I went to IKEA, Tempe, by bus provided with the school. It was free! And the really good thing about this is that I can invite any non-UniTerrace occupants. Cim went with me and the driver didn't seem to mind at all. He didn't even ask who we were. He just left Uniterrace on the dot and straight to Ikea.

Upon arriving in Ikea, the weather was unpleasant. It was still raining. The wind was really strong.

got this map

cute toys for little kiddies

What I love about this store is that, there is a special place just for candles. I have been wanting to buy myself a candle back in Indonesia. but have never had the chance to buy it.

smell me! so delightful 

more candles

so huge!!!



self service while checking out

bought marshmallows too 
free tasters

large sized Swedish Meatballs for $10.95. I have to wait in line for 30 minutes! And was about to miss the bus back to uniterrace. 

spring decorations 
the ice cream flavor one is heavenly. 

this is like the aussie version of slai olai

ate ramyun for dinner

kiwi for desert


swedish flag. 
I apologize for the random order of the pictures cos there are a lot of pictures piling up in the draft section of my blog. There are a lot of things to chatter here. 
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