Sunday, March 24, 2013

Packing and Task (22.3.13 - 23.3.13)

Another late post. I think I better summarise this as short as possible.

So on the 22nd of March, I went to meet up with Sheila, Heidy, Kevin, Sharon at the law library. I have booked a room for a certain amount of time in order for us to study together. I actually wanted Heidy to teach me about Biology, but in the end, we ended up doing all our respective assignments. Like myself, if I am not mistaken, I went on doing my Scif 1111 class biography assignment. Kevin was doing the same thing. Sharon continued her BABS peer reviewed primary research essay. While Heidy, Jupe and Sheila learnt accounting.

During our study period, I met Earl, Santa and Raymond on their way to the second floor.

At around 4, it appeared that someone had been waiting for their turn of share of the room booking. So we had to leave the room and searched for another room to study. We ventured around and we separated ways. I went with Kevin and Sharon while the other three girls went somewhere else to find Andrian.

Kevin, Sharon and I decided to study in the new building in UNSW called the Tyree building. It's an engineering building and unlike the other buildings in UNSW, this building is so high-tech. Moreover, the architectural design seems so modern. The three of us went up to the most up-est floor and stayed there.


Kevin was observing the carpet attentively. He was pretty amazed by the design. --"
After a while, a supervisor approached us and told us that we are not supposed to sit there. In fact, the place we were staying is only for staff members only. We didn't know about that and apologised and continued our search for a place to finish our assignments. 

From the top floor, we went to the basement. The signal there was atrocious. I couldn't even text my friends. We stayed there up till 6 o'clock. We decided to be quiet and not talk to one another for the sake of finishing at least one of our overloading assignments. I was able to finish my class biography! It was the most triumphant moment I have gotten for the whole week. Half of my burden had been lifted off somehow. I still got BABS to finish only. (Well it's finished now and even submitted it, no wonder this is such a late post).

At six, we parted our ways. I should prepare myself for a bible study conference that will start at around 7-ish I guess. 

Let's skim through the next day.

It was a Saturday and I promised Cim that I would help her pack her things from Ama's place (her home stay). But before going to her place, we stopped by at East Gardens to do a little shopping for my place. I had finished all the stock I shopped last week. 

Upon arriving in East Gardens, there was a mini farm display just right at the entrance of the mall. Cim told me that they would display ducks, chicks, and other farm animals during weeks nearing Easter.


goats and hens

rabbit and chicks
They are all adorable creatures! Having bits of cuteness obsession still in mind, we continued our way to do our grocery shopping at Coles. Met Ci Lily there! What a coincidence!

With groceries done, we went to Ama's place and let the journey and hard work of packing begin. Cim's clothes are too much. I think there were around 7-8 bags total after the packing was done. We spent a couple of hours tidying up.

ate the mushroom pie we bought from Coles! 
these macadamia cookies are heaven!
Both of us went back home to Uniterraces at around 6 I guess. Cim was leaving her homestay and rented a place at Ci Icing's apartment next wednesday (27th March).

Board Games at Focus

It is Sunday and I went to Focus church at the Law Library in UNSW. That day bible talk was about Christians' objective of not only focusing on serving God but also Christians are urged to listen to God's words more. As by listening, we may serve God more willingly. It is more or less interconnected.

As usual, after the sermon and worshipping, there will always be games to be played then. It was board games day.

Ci Yenli baked these cute black soot red velvet balls!

super delicious!

Ko Victor sleeping on top of the kids

the condition of people playing board games

we played bang!

Ko monthy

then played Dice Town

Dice Town!

the dices.
To make a long day short, it was a fun day all over again!

Ayam Goreng 99 (20.3.13)

Another late post. Apologies..

On the 20th, hmm, wait that was on Wednesday. Last Wednesday to be precise. Let me reminisce what I did on Wednesday. This is one of the disadvantages of blogging so late. urgh. All I remembered was that I ate at Ayam Goreng 99 for dinner, did Chemistry lab, slept during Physiology class, sat at bio, scif and chemistry class. Wait, that's most of it. Whoah, jotting down the things you did from the last thing you did to the first thing you did was a fine activity for blogging. Only blogging or casual journal writing though. If you did this for your academic essay or other academic-related assignments, you most probably ended up getting a big F on your test.

Let's start from the very beginning of the day.

As usual, attended Scif (Perspectives to Medical Science), a compulsory course for all Medical Science students. The lecture was absolutely interesting though. I had no idea why I suddenly felt interested in learning history about medicine. This is probably the only lecture I find very alluring and not boring at all. Ironic right, despite it being a lecture discussing all about history. I only like scif lectures not the tutorials.

Then I got bio class after that. To me, biology is a troublesome subject. I understand nothing from every lecture. I should start hitting the books during Easter break! Bio class was at John Clancy auditorium which was at the upper campus. I was too lazy to move from my place because I will have Chemistry class there too. So, I spent my one-hour-break there listening to Physiology. I think I am going to take this course at semester two, so why not try listening and getting a glimpse at it. You know what, I felt terribly wrong joining that class, I felt super bored and sleepy. I completely dozed off as soon as the lecturer was opening his slides to the class. And the position of me dozing off was unbearable. I bet the lecturer saw me sleeping in class. errr..

Moving on, another thing I want to discuss about university life is that I keep on worrying whether I will do well every lab sessions. I will get this paranoia that I would fail or do something awful against the rule and regulation during the session. Last Wednesday's chemistry class was something to do with copper. Surprisingly, I was one of the fastest students to finish the experiment before the time is up. I was overjoyed! I could not help smiling all the way when I left the building!

On my way out of the building, I came across Earl, Santa, Raymond and Kathleen. They were telling me to hurry up to get ready for dinner out.

I had to drop my lab coat and goggle first at the terrace. Not to mention, I was intending to bring my digital camera too. For the sake of this blog and facebook. Then, I went downstairs with Bunga, Della and Grace.

Ayam Goreng 99 is an Indonesian restaurant in Kingsford. I spent a total of $11 there. For nasi uduk, ayam goreng and kangkung. The kangkung is so appetising!

bunga, della, grace and earl

meet Kathleen! 
I think I have not mentioned this above but Bunga faced a special incident. Apparently, she left her room key inside her room. She could not come inside her room and had to contact the RA to open her room with the master key. I, on the other hand, left my key with Cim. Cim was at McDonald's with Armaan! I could not come into my room too. Earl was there too. He wanted to pick up his pillow which he bought in Ikea a long time back. Basically, he was waiting for my room to be opened too. 

waiting in the common room
After a while, the RA came and he opened Bunga's room along with mine. I told him that I forgot my key too in order for my room to be opened. HEHE. Got Earl's pillow and I ushered him home. Despite going home, we ended up chatting! We talked for a long time actually! We gossiped actually. LOL.

zz.. what a mess.
To make a long day short, it was really fun. And I obviously enjoy it here as there is always something new everyday! 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ko Arlingga and Ci Irene's Wedding (16.3.13)

Again, I would like to apologise for the uber late post.

On the glorious 16th of March, a beautiful couple has finally tied the knot. I met Ko Arlingga and Ci Irene in a bible study communion in UNSW. This is probably the first Sydney wedding I have attended here.

Ci Yenli made that Caramel ball. super tasty

The wedding was simply gorgeous. The bride and groom looked really happy. I believe I saw Ko Arlingga's being jittery during the beginning of the ceremony though. I still could picture Ci Irene walking down the aisle with three beautiful bridesmaids walking before her. Not to mention, the canon piano accompaniment was just perfect for this match-made in heaven couple's wedding. Another exciting moment was that, I was really amused hearing their oaths in English. Being an Indonesian, I am not used to hearing wedding oaths in English back in Indonesia. I only hear exchange English oaths in movies.

After the ceremony, lunch was served! Guess what, the food served was Indonesian cuisine! Finally, I could satisfy my longing of Indonesian food here. There was perkedel, nasi kuning, rendang, cendol, ayam goreng. 

Ko Arlingga and Ci Irene!

with Ci Icing

these cupcakes were baked by Ci Natalie! Scrumptious!


My stomach was incredibly full. I could no longer take in any more food although I really wanted to grab those goody-goody cupcakes. But in order not to hurl, I reluctantly resisted it. When the guests had already left, I along with Raymond helped clean up the place. I saw a lot of leftovers all over the tables.

Anyway, afterwards, Ko Sui, Ci Grid, Ko Howie, Andrew, Raymond, Cim and me went to East Gardens to watch OZ! In addition to my first experience in Sydney, it was my first time watching at a cinema in Sydney.

We had to travel quite a walk to the bus stop. Cim and I were wearing heels and was facing difficulties in walking. We were walking in a very slow pace. To make matter worse, my wedge buckle kept on being loose and I had to adjust it again and again. Upon arriving at the bus stop and went stepping into the bus, I felt relieved and was rejoiced to sit down and cool myself down. However, after only a few minutes on the bus, we had arrived to East Gardens. Cooling time was over.

Watched at a theatre called HOYTS. I didn't know what it stands for. Ko Sui and Ci Grid got discount vouchers so each of the ticket was worth 10$ each. When we reached HOYTS, met up with Caro and Ko William (Caro's brother). 

I could not believe my eyes when I entered the theatre. The theatre studio looked similar to Gajamada Plaza's theatre back in Jakarta. It was really small and the screen was not that large either. I felt disappointed.

Raymond and Ko William

Caro and Cim

movie had not even started yet but felt excited for no reason
The movie was not that bad. It did not leave any "wow" remark to me at all though. 
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