Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fish Market

What a pleasant day to go out on a trip to Sydney Fish Market. This is a shout-out to Laura who planned the outing. Well, basically, she was the one who insisted the idea of going there. I, myself, am very delighted to tag along as I have never been here before (Imagine me saying this sentence in a British accent).

I met up with Stella, Tomas and Kiel at the bus stop across uni. Apparently we were not using the bus, Haubert was going to pick us up. How great is that! Thank you Haubert (if you're reading this).

just look at the clouds 

me and Stella

there was a Japanese TV show shoot. 
There was an incredible funny incident involving these Japanese Tv hosts. They both were carrying seafood platters and as you know that there are a lot of seagulls flying around the dock, these birds sort of attacked their food. And these two hosts were screaming. I was feeling ticklish, and decided not to laugh out loud because that would be too awkward if my laugh was recorded in the clip. I don't want that to happen.

this photo is kinda cool. my camera is always full of surprises. 





what's with all these faces. 
Eating at the fish market was a total feast! We all ate like kings.

Afterwards, some of us proceeded to the Darling Harbour while Cim, Ci Karlina and Ci Whitney went together to the city to catch up with one another. The rest of us wanted to see the giant plastic dragon in Darling Harbor but all we found was a giant plastic Santa Claus.

We went inside 
There was an Ansel Adams Photography Exhibition. However, to our bad luck, it is not free. Therefore, we continued our walk to Typo. All I did was just window shopping. Saw this really cute speaker in a shape of a lollipop. How adorable is it.

cute lollipop speakers
That's all, had major fun. 

When I got home, there was a fire alarm at my place and I did not even bother to evacuate. It happened far too frequent. 

Later that night, I went out to eat at Kashiwa a Japanese BBQ restaurant in North Sydney. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Save The Date With Santa

The day that Santa and I have been planning for even before the beginning of exam is finally here! I am too excited! Too enthusiastic that I could not even sleep that night. I know this might sound a little bit odd to you, it is to myself too, but then again, I don't know why. Oh I know, this might be one of the reasons of being too long getting locked up (not exactly locked up) in my room.

I woke up pretty early that day. Took a shower, returned a book to the library, but then I missed the bus  and had to wait for another 30 minutes for the next bus to arrive. That sucks. But no need to worry, I was being amused with a new app called snapchat. I adore this app so much! It is super easy to get addicted to it. You just send an image or video to a friend and the recipient would view it in a maximum of 10 seconds. It is for temporary sake only, the pictures or videos will no directly be saved into your gallery like any other messengers you use. Sounds fun right? Download now if you must!

It was kinda drizzling when I arrived at the Grounds! But that didn't stop us from having fun aye. What was stopping us was the huge crowd at the Grounds itself. It was super long. The waiting list was about 40minutes-ish. It was a complete no-go-for-us-to-the-museum if we had to stay and wait for the line. So, instead, we grabbed a couple of hot dogs.

We were both planning to catch up with the museum tour at 2. So, we were trying to be on time.

There were basically lots of things to catch up for the both of us. We rarely met each other during second semester. We talked quite a lot.

Then we took a stroll around the place. There was the cutest farm again along with Kevin Bacon and the other farm animals. They are adorable. The rain made the photos that I took look quite pleasant. I have no idea why.

cute cactus flowers in their square-ish pots. 

It was time for us to go. We walked to the nearest bus stop in the rain, it was a good thing I brought my umbrella with me. But again, it was kinda broken. I haven't got the time, well, honestly, I am too lazy to buy a new one. Because, the thing about Australia's wind is that it is too strong and no matter good and sturdy your umbrella is, it would soon be broken. It is just insane.

It was a 45 minutes journey from our current location to the art gallery by bus. Not to mention, the bus that we got into was crowded. We only got seats after a few stops. Fortunately, when we arrived it was raining no more which was incredible aye.

the state library in Sydney

The glitch about this public library is that you are not allowed to enter with your backpack. You have to put it inside a locker in which you have to pay. Yep, no thanks to that, I was just going to sightsee what is inside, so Santa and I proceeded on our journey in finding where the art gallery is.

Found it at last! Thanks to the help of GPS and Santa's navigating skills.

there is a native american paintings exhibition. 

C for Crystal

Santa and me (doing a peace sign)
The place is indescribably wonderful! The inner building looks really grand. High ceilings with marble floor and lots of entrances to different sections of the museum. There are Aboriginal arts, Modern Australian paintings and other sorts. But to me, my favourite would be the European paintings. I thought there would be a section about Greek Myths. I have always admired mythologies since the day I watched Hercules and actually understood what it meant.

reminds me a lot of anatomy class

I love this painting. It is entitled Crown and Sceptre. 

Queen Sheba visiting King Solomon 


that's totally not a light effect up there

this looks peaceful to some extent

I love this painting. The comic patterns just put a nice embellishment to the whole aspect


Santa laushi

Entitled: Sunday Morning

this looks a bit gory and disturbing

from Bali

this was made of wood! 

I love the colours! 
Photography Periodic Table

Despite the colourful choice in colour, the statements were depressing, showing the irony

Alice in Tokyo!
I love this concept!
So the artist who is an Australian went to Japan and felt like Alice where everything
is small and just not the right size for her.

Magic mirror! you'll see why later on in the post

Tadaa! My butt looks LARGE! I look like a bee

Both of us were just wandering around again, up till the moment that I heard a voice. There were a woman and a man conversing. Curious about it, I went to take a look. And bam! I saw these two clowns lying there. They looked so real, I was in shock! I held on Santa's arms. The saying curiosity kills the cat really works huh. Especially on me.

another magic mirror. At first i thought I would just play around taking picture on a really black window.
Apparently when we saw the output on my camera, it was really clear. 

And I saw this too! zz

In the desert I saw a creature naked bestial who squatting up on the ground held his heart in his hands and ate of it
I said is it good friend? it is bitter. Bitter he answered
but I like it because it is bitter and because it is my heart. 
Afterwards, when it was closing time, both of us proceeded on hunting for dinner. We were planning to eat at Chanoma. So we headed there. We passed St. Mary's Cathedral! It was huge! We even saw a pre-wedding photo session taking place.

However, to our bad luck, the place was crowded. We were planning to eat at Oiden but the line was too long. The other place were a bit pricey so we moved on to another place similar to Oiden just a few blocks away. I forgot what it is called. The name of the restaurant just slipped our of my mind.

ordered regular one. trying not to be guilty succeed! 

Christmas decorations <3 

kyaa! Line emoticons


photobox purikura is too expensive Q_Q

how cute! ELMO! this literally awakes the inner child in me


Luigi! and MARIO
Jake the DOG
Mike Wazowski and Sullivan! 
After dinner and more walking, we decided to go home! I ABSOLUTELY love the date! Santa if you're reading this, let's go some more time soon next year! 

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