Thursday, April 30, 2015

Let's do the Time Warp AGAIN (Rocky Horror Show)

20th April, Monday
So my exam schedule is out and I have a packed one and they are all at the end of June. Good thing I only have 3 exams though thanks to Personal Finance which doesn't have any finals but a 60% worth financial plan assignment that I haven't even started on. 

21st April, Tuesday
Babs3121 today was a calamity. Well it is always disastrous in my case. I have no idea why I keep on messing stuffs in the lab. I am just not good at biochem prac work. Why did I take this anyway as my major. Argh. Regrets always come last. Anyway, I broke a gel after doing so well with the pipetting. The gel was so fragile that it tore into 3 pieces when I was scanning it. Then worst of all, I threw it away not thinking that this gel is needed next prac. Great. I was worrying too much with the report that my mind was too focused on that rather than the practical. I later came to know that the report submission date was postponed. Should have informed that earlier man. Gahh. 

22nd April, Wednesday
I was about to step out of the house and it was cloudy. I waited for about 20minutes for my late bus which I was sure would definitely come in a much later notice. Then the rain started to pour heavily. I was standing there with my wiggly umbrella and got wet because of the wind. I decided to go home instead and did not come to the lab. Great, I missed lab for the second time in 3 years of uni.. Not proud though. Felt guilty but dude, the weather was horrible and uni should have been cancelled that day. There was flood too in some part of Sydney. I got another notice later that afternoon that my other lecture got cancelled due to the severe rain. 

23rd April, Thursday
Had my bacteria test. The time was so insufficient that my hand hurt and I was racing with the time. I have never been out of time before in uni. I usually finish earlier, but this time, I was running out of time. I couldn't even think fast and I just wrote everything that popped out instantly. 

24th April, Friday
credits to Caro. shes such a good drawer <3
Chopped off some of Clarissa's hair off before going to bible study. We are looking at Proverbs that night about wisdom. 

25th April, Saturday
Finally watched Avengers!!! Thanks to Tomas for giving me tickets after cutting his hair last monday. What was amazing that day was that there was a hail and there were ice falling down from the sky. And it literally looked like snow when I was on my way back from Eastgardens. The best experience in Sydney by far in terms of witnessing natural weather. Too bad there was no snow-winter wonderland in Coogee. Or probably they all have melted when I reached home. 

27th April, Monday
I have finally submitted my babs3121 report on Site-directed Mutagenesis after much struggle and confusion. I can finally breathe and relax for a while and refresh for immuno test. Look at how hectic my schedule this year is. Today I actually crashed into Angel's Japanese class. It was great but the for the whole 2 hours, I was super worried that the sensei might ask me since I know nothing of Japanese. Oh I just found that, I could not read any Japanese words which ultimately suck since I once was obsessed with Japanese Manga and anime. Such a shame. Later that night, I went to the Indonesian Night Market to eat some satay padang. It was packed. I met a bunch of old friends that I have not met for quite a while. 
28th of April, Tuesday 
Yep apparently I was right that the gel that I tore was needed today. So I had to use Angel's data for my answer on the course manual. I ate another delicious food in Pavilion after being so faithful to Chicken Noodle Salad, I tried another dish since it was so cold outside. I ordered the wonton and pork chop egg noodle soup. It was the bomb especially on a rainy day. Afterwards, Sharon and I continued studying for immuno. Doing our last minute review together like last quiz.. Since we found that it was a great way to study. 

29th April, Wednesday
Wrote my second immuno test. It was harder than the first one. I had such little time to write though. Anyway there was a BABSOC BBQ happening that day. Sharon and I went in to get some free grub. We got some free hot dogs and got a can of pepsi which was awesome. Later that night I was idly playing with my laptop browsing for musicals at cheap price. I was eyeing out for The Rocky Horror Show musical and there it was, a sale from smarttix. I was so excited. This occurred at 11 at night. And I started to contact everyone who said that they were interested. But apparently since it was late at night, no one replied as fast as Irene. In the end I called Irene up and I was so lame that I wanted her to accompany till the last step of the paying procedure. I have trust issues with the internet money system. And in midnight, I have purchased the tickets. We got the A reserve with a D reserve price. How lucky are we. 
30th April, Thursday
I had a lot of errands today. So early morning, I attended the bacteria lecture at 9am. I was going to help Vivi moving out from her homestay place in Lane Cove by myself. However, it rained again. I thought that with just the two of us would be such a tiring job. So I asked Haubert for help and he was available! How cool was that. Anyway, my plan of helping Vivi out was postponed till 3 in the afternoon. So I went home right since I had nothing to do and I did not bring my laptop with me. At home I painted my nails so that it could match the theme of Rocky Horror. I spoiled myself with the Rocky Horror Picture Show movie to familiarise myself with the story and the songs. At 2, I had a group meeting for my presentation and had to leave first at 3 even though I booked the place till 4o'clock. What made matter even worst was that the lift in the apartment I am staying now was under renovation and we had to climb up the stairs up to the top floor while carrying the luggages. Good thing, there is mr muscle man who came in very handy. Your action would not be forgotten bro. 

As soon as I arrived home, Irene had also arrived in Coogee. Our plan of going to Paramatta was cancelled because of the postponing of the schedule. Anyway, we went to Moo Burger instead. It was a good meal. I didn't enjoy the bacon and cheese fries since the cheese was too salty that it became bitter. We didn't finish it in the end. And took it away. We decided to give it to the homeless that we might bump into in the city on our way to the musical. So yea, when we reached the city, Vivi gave it to the homeless and his response was him shaking his head in annoyance. I had a feeling that he might misunderstood the food being as garbage. We were a bit hurt though. We thought he would be happy. -_- 
When we arrived to the State Lyric Theatre, we were just in time. We quickly went to the bathroom, it is always the first thing we do. I was super excited. After watching Wicked, I got hooked to watching musicals. Well I don't watch all of them, I just pick the ones that I am most interested in. Since a musical costs a fortune. You know if I have earned my own money, this watching musical thing could be a regular thing. 

The show was amazing. They are amazing! The costumes, the voices, the dancings, the settings, the BAND! OH my, the band was great! Loving that piano doing the rock n' roll. It was a great show of course. I regretted the fact that I didn't stand up to dance along with the rest of the audience when the Time Warp was on! My favorite songs include : Sweet Transvestite, Time Warp, there's a light, Hot Patootie, Eddie, Sword of Damocles, Rose Tint The World! Despite the crude jokes, I am just in awe! I kept on listening to their songs after the show. So pumped! 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Daniel and Josephine's Wedding

How wonderful it is when a man and a woman are united in God. Congratulations to the new Juandas. Pray that you continue to put God first and raise godly children.

This is probably the third wedding I have attended in Sydney. Weddings are the best isn't it. Seeing the bride with her beautiful gown with her face being dolled up to look like an absolute queen of the day. Not to mention the groom is not so bad and cleaned up pretty good obviously. The guests are the best though, seeing them standing up in respect of the bride walking down the aisle is truly touching and the music plays an important role too. The canon-in-D piano instrumentals just literally moved me away. Days like this is totally divine.

groovy couple

these cookies are amazing! i brought some home too
see i brought some home

several hours later....

ngaww my name

i ordered a lot of beverages. I was so nervous

that's my notes. .. kafkjafkajshdfaksjdfh

they're doing Love is an open door

For the reception, I was completely so worried that my palm card did not even help at all. Being an MC was a great experience at the same time, the worry and the negative things of being such a terrible public speaker totally overpowers the whole party setting which was on a cruise. The weather that night wasn't that great either and the cruise started to rock like crazy and I got sea sick. I actually got antimo from the girl on my table which I promised her I would not forget her name but due to bad memory I forgot her by now. Man what a bad person I am. Not to mention, there was only one mic available.

Anyway, everyone seemed to enjoy their evening. And so since this is the last post, I could still feel the embarrassment I had cast upon myself after 3 weeks from the part itself. 

But regardless, the day is not about me, it's about the newly weds who are loving to one another. so CHEERS to them
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