Friday, October 25, 2013

Last Chat Thai Supper BasoGila

Today is the last day of the bible study period this year! Starting next friday, all bible study groups would be combined together.

Ci Icing distributed this cute little set to everybody!
 It was really kind of her
After the bible study, the BasoGila peeps (that's us), went to the city to go for an outing at Chat Thai!

how cool is this! 

our Bible study leader! 


This is really good! cakwe and pandan sauce
this is delicious too! 


it's time to pay the bill
It was quite a long wait before entering the restaurant. This Thai restaurant is quite a phenomenon for Sydneysiders as well as tourists. It is always full and the waiting list is too long. During the wait, we were just talking endless topics! 

When we entered, we ate too fast as we were too hungry. We were trying our best to eat it as slowly as we can so that we would not be asked to leave quickly. Nevertheless, who could control hungry stomachs like ours. 

It was a great outing, we got to chat and got the time to get to know one another too :) 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Centennial Park + BBQ Picnic

Overslept today and the plan of jogging from uni to Centennial Park was totally a blehhh.. I was planning on jogging with Diana, Ribka and Raymond to the park. But due to oversleeping and running late for the charity picnic held by PPIA, we just got to rush.

finding the location of the picnic

a dead baby bird. tragic
The day was well spent on walking around centennial park, enjoying the sun, and top of it all, we all got to eat great food too!

shrek effect

I ended up not studying at all, oh well.

Thereafter, I went to waterloo. Kristel and Laura picked me up because apparently I took the wrong bus.

Then for dinner the three of us, went to eat at St Michiba's. A pizza bistro near Kristel's place.

Both of the pizzas tasted great! 

Afterwards, we continued on studying at Kristel's place and I stayed for the night there. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Night Noodle Markets

An annual event held in Hyde Park in Sydney. There were various noodle booths waiting for customers to drool and buy upon.

Right after bible study, some of us went to visit this annual event just to try out some noodle-related cuisine. It was at about 10:00ish that we made our move to the city. The event closed at 11 and most shops were about to close when we arrived.

ramen burger. the longest line among other booths

famous ramen burger with pork ribs. 

laura, diana, kristel and cindy

sate ayam

mini pancakes

mango pancakes


lanterns everywhere
We spent some of the time wandering around trying all sorts of food, sharing and enjoying the moment of the spring breezy night. 
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