Saturday, February 28, 2015

2 Weeks Finale of February

Monday, 16th of February
I helped mom in teaching some students again. Still continued reading Stephen King's Doctor Sleep. Bah, when will I finish reading this book.

Tuesday, 17th of February
A day out with Jessica! A friend from church. Before meeting up with her, Vivi and I strolled around the mall to buy more clothes! Met up with Clarissa too and grabbed Devi's gift for her. Can't believe she gave me a gift too.  It was such a long time since we met and it was such a great catch up even though we didn't get to talk much. We watched The Last Five Years by Anna Kendrick. The songs were alright but the camera angles made me dizzy while watching it. The trailer kinda overrates the whole movie. Frankly, the movie is not as good.

Wednesday, 18th of February
Went out with Ci Lisda to Ragusa and a museum. Surprised her with something though. (Click here)

Thursday, 19th of February
Happy Chinese New Year! It is hongbao hunting time! We started early in the morning to my grandma's house and proceeded to Cinere to my mom's side of the family. Afterwards went outside of Jakarta which was such a long trip, I even slept along the way. I was wearing this orange skirt that I bought from Forever21, and since it was the last piece, I managed to fit it even though it is an S but I budged in. Anyway, up till midday, I was fine, but then there are times I felt so tired pushing in my belly trying so hard to not snap the zipper. You don't know how relieving and great the moment the day is over and I could release my belly out. Okay this is a bit weird, spilling these kinds of stuffs here and it is not even related to the topic of CNY itself. Yep and I was holding a papaya that's right, freshly grown from my cousin's house. 

Friday, 20th of February
Stayed home counting money and I forgot what else I did. 

Saturday, 21st of February
Went shopping again for the last time. I had so much fun shopping at Taman Anggrek while my parents watch a chinese movie staring Jackie Chan. I forgot what it's called but they were super excited about it and was completely amused and even told me to watch it myself. I am not a big fan of Chinese movies honestly.

Sunday, 22nd of February
After church, we went to Pacific Place to eat and eat and eat. Last family outing to the mall before I set off to Sydney. 

at Zhuma
and the famous Haka restaurant! with its famous gurame and eel, dude i dont even know what gurame is in english
Monday, 23rd of February
I totally forgot what I did that day, maybe I spent the day packing up my suitcase

Tuesday, 24th of February
Stayed till late watching From Up on Poppy Hill. Fangirling late at night was not a good choice in dealing with sleep troubles. 

Wednesday, 25th of February
Happy birthday to Ci Lisda! I went to Pasar Baru to buy shoes! There are seriously a lot of cheap shoes here. It is amazing but then again the style is not that nice and old-fashioned. But then again, with the old fashion cycling back on trend now, let's just try to work it instead. 

Thursday, 26th of February
I felt terrible today, diarrhoea. I suspect the rotten century egg that I ate this morning. Later in the evening, when I got better, Vivi and I went to Pasar Baru to buy her contact lenses. 

Friday, 27th of February
Felt better but I was worried if I my stomach would be sick again during the flight. After checking in, I waited for Clarissa's dad to drop off her glasses since she forgot to bring it and she was already in Sydney at the moment. 

The gate that we were supposed to be waiting for the QF42 flight was unexpectedly change last minute. Vivi and I were tired in getting from one gate to another. I was carrying some heavy load on my back and I could feel the sweat trickling everywhere. I was hungry too and thirsty. I felt I could just fast forward everything up till the point I sit down nicely in my designated seat area. I was pretty happy since I was able to put my baggage on the upper drawer thingy majiggy I have no idea what you call that upper area cabinet. oh yea, cabinet, that's the word. 

To be honest, I did not enjoy this flight trip. The food was at an unsatisfactory level to my taste buds. I felt so queasy that I could not even finish most of the food served. I felt bad though but I could not finish them all as I did not want to puke everything out when the flight hit a turbulence. 

Saturday, 28th of February
Arrive in Sydney! Haubert picked Vivi and I up. Felt super sick. We stayed at home unpacking and ate Dominos for lunch. For dinner, Cim cooked. Well, it's good to be back, but on the contrary, uni starts in 2 days time. Cim bought me a ukulele which was the most heart-thrilling ever. I have been craving for this uke since last year. Meet PepperMint, aka Minty! The most ungeneric name I come up with. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ragusa // Surprising Ci Lisda

The moment that I have been planning since the start of the summer holiday. This bucket list has finally been achieved and I must say, I am not a big fan of this ice cream. It is kind of a disappointment in terms of taste but an achievement in able to go there with public transport and finally tasted it after years of curiosity.

We ordered the banana split and the spaghetti ice cream. The spaghetti ice cream was good but the dried fruits just made the whole ice cream tasting experience into a yuck. It produces an unnecessary smelly taste that overpowers the sweetness of the ice cream. The banana split was not any better, I assume they used a non-ripe banana as it was super hard.

The cafe was super packed, moreover there was a shooting going on in this cafe from some national TV.

see how packed it is

Ci Lisda's 21st<3

we decided to stroll around more

we found this museum 

We were planning to go to Museum Galeri Indonesia but we walked in the wrong direction and we stopped by this museum just a few buildings away from Ragusa. It was so empty and it was an awkward situation when we were greeted by the 2 persons working there. He was really kind in telling us about the paintings and stuffs though which was cool. You guys should definitely check out this Newseum anytime soon. Even though it is a small place but it is very cozy, despite the fact there were a lot of blood-sucking insects there. 

In the end we didn't go to Museum Galeri Indonesia, we were lost and it was all up to my fault. When we were walking, a few security guards who were guarding the President Palace were kind of racist at us and were shouting gong xi fa cai, ching cang cing whatever, at us. I know that tomorrow is Chinese New year, why should you do that to us. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hello February

1st of February, Sunday
Played the piano and joined the second service of the day. It rained all day and guess what, the flood happened. Good thing mom's friend could drop Vivi and I off home or else we would be riding the bajaj and be making our ways through the muddy water. Btw I started reading The Book of Kings from the Bible. First King was amazing. I hope I could finish it. :) 

2nd of February, Monday
Played the piano since I didn't have to help mom on teaching some of her "naughty-unhandled" students. 

3rd of February, Tuesday
Got up and actually had errands to do. I had to go for grocery shopping. When Vivi and I just had our few steps out of our house, the rain started to drop. And this was just great.. We kept on going though because if we went back we would just be delaying our errands of grocery shopping. So I did this before, shopping on a rainy day. We just had to keep in mind that we should just shop not excessively since we had to carry the umbrella on one hand and the other for groceries. Anyway after we had finished our groceries, the rain still had not stopped yet and we kinda bought more stuffs. Why did we do this. I felt like my arm and hand were going to split. Then there was this guy wearing a maroon pants blocking our way, couldn't you see that we were walking in front of you, you could at least move and give us way rather than just posing in front of us. Why would you do that for. I was screaming at him in my mind and was kind of furious with his act. Be a little considerate for goodness sake. I was stepping on puddles and getting mud on my legs. I could not be bothered, I was just focusing to get home quickly and maybe rest or do some hairdos on my doll. Upon reaching home, mom was shouting that my neighbor's maid was agreeing to have a haircut. I was still hot from the weather (it was raining but it was still hot, idk why), infuriated by that dude wearing that maroon pants and now I had to go back to the salon which was located near the supermarket to cut her hair. I was dumbfounded by the fact of why couldn't you just meet me there instead! Argh, okay I needed time to cool off and I just played dinner dash and allowed my time off for 25 minutes snacking on cheetos to eat away my anger. 25 minutes later, I walked up to my neighbor's house and called out the maid to follow me to the salon. I did her hair and my teacher checked and actually she did most of the correcting. But somehow I got a feeling that she did not like the cut. So I felt pretty bad for her and asked to her to come by my place so that I could blowdry her hair. It was much better after being blown hair though. Anyway I gave her the money for lending her hair for me to practice my haircut so she was pretty stoked and happy after that. And today ended really well actually. I was happy if she is happy. Man I should get one of those journals so I could just pour out my feelings. The journal feeling came from the book I finally finished reading called the Freaky Green Eyes. I bought it in Sydney at a bargain of 50c. A book for 50c could you believe that. 

4th of February, Wednesday
Went to TMII with Ci Lisda and Vivi [link]

5th of February, Thursday
Vivi watched Birdman and I watched Big Hero 6. I made an app for my blog today. It's called puddingme but I didn't publish it on the playstore since I am not happily satisfied with the whole product. The internet is driving me crazy. Not to mention I need to pay 25$ to publish it on googleplay. I don't have that much money online man. Anyway if you guys wanted to download my app, not that it is only for android users only. I used appgeyser for the instant ready-made app. Unlike mobincube which takes me ages to load. Click me to download puddingme app

6th of February, Friday
Friday midnight, Vivi and I watched Whiplash which was amazing. AMAZING. I played SIMS4 and it crashed when I was creating Miley Cyrus. I had not even saved it yet. Argh. I continued making up my app but this time in mobincube which takes me ages to load. 

7th of February, Saturday
We stayed indoors and watched The Theory of Everything. 

8th of February, Sunday
After church I helped out wrapping books in the library then afterwards we went out to lunch at Bubur Mangga Besar 1 for their famous chicken rice. Then we dropped Helen off at home as she was going to attend her weekly pre-baptism class while we went to the mall. We watched Jupiter Ascending. 

9th of February, Monday
It was flooded! The water came into the house and it was bad. The rain did not settle down till late compared to 2 years ago which was a lot better since we could begin cleaning up at around 3PM. This year's flood was worse because our kitchen was still flooded and left flooded for the whole night.

I finally applied my Opal card too. 

10th of February, Tuesday
Early in the morning we had to help taking out the water from inside the house. I made a kid named Kennisha cry. So I was teaching her portion of the test since tomorrow is her English test. I was kinda worried for her since I was afraid she might not do well on her test. I gave her exercises on the same exercise mom gave her and told her to do it again several times. After our time is up, I told her she could go home and suddenly out of the blue she teared up. And her cries began louder. I was dumbfounded since I clearly didn't do anything to her. It was awkward and tis the day I mark my calendar of how I made a student cry for the first time. When her dad came to pick her up she stopped sobbing and I am very sure she was crying just to make me feel guilty and trying to grab my attention of how cute and pretty and adorable she is and how fragile is her little heart is. No lady, you sure did not grab my attention at all, you just gave me a sudden realisation that you are not as adorable as you look like. Anyway on a more important matter to discuss,  I finished Stephen King's book called The Shining. I finally finished it y'all. Could you imagine it took me a week to read the whole book. Well I kinda abandoned it for 1 or 2 days I forgot. I got the chills and even had to turn on the tv to accompany me read. Although in the end I muted the tv because the sounds distract me. I stayed up late to finish it and the endless cups of coffee was worth it. I even continued reading the sequel Doctor Sleep. But I dozed off and was not brave enough to turn off the lights so I slept with the lights on.

11th of February, Wednesday
I made a kid named Tristan cry just because of Simple Present Tense. Come on man! man up. 

12th of February, Thursday
Cleaned up the house. I felt super tired and to just make my body worse I ate a ton of martabak.

13th of February, Friday
I continued reading Doctor Sleep and also listened to some of the recordings of Stephen Tong about the 10 commandments. Then I had to help my mom teach the student. He cried again just because I raised my voice a little as he was kicking my legs. He cried just after 15 minute class starts. What a record.

14th of February, Saturday
Woke up kinda late and did not even realise it was 10am if it wasn't for my dad to come into my room and told me to wake up. Yea it's valentines' day people. Happy valentines day. I hope you guys have your special ones to celebrate this day of love. Anyway, with my pink heart pyjamas I devoured the sweet chocolate treats from the fridge while talking with my dad and Vivi. See, this was my special kind of valentine edition breakfast, yep, chocolate for breakfast is delightful indeed. Later that afternoon, I finally finished writing up the blog that is due ages ago about my trip to TMII. Sorry for the late notice everyone I know you are waiting for the update :) (lol yea as if). Then my family and I went to watch Kingsman. Colin Firth played in it and then there was this new actor guy who looks like a mash up between Josh Hutcherson and Matt Damon. He was alright though and dude, what's with the name Eggsy. Is it some popular British name? Because this is the second time I have come across with that peculiar name. First one was from The Boxtrolls. Sounds cute though reminds me with eggs.

Kingsman was stupendous. I highly recommend people who love action and comedy and things related to secret agents to watch this film. So recommending you all with the dilemma of whether to watch either 50 shades of Grey or this. Dude! Let me clarify this, 50 shades of grey has nothing in it but sex scenes, Kingsman on the other hand has more story and twist. Not that i have watched 50 shades of grey or anything, but I am avoiding to watch it since I am pretty sure that if I were to watch that film I would end up closing my eyes and ears throughout 90% of the movie since I couldn't stand the sound of it. Sorry. Why am I apologising for, I have rights you know.

Mom and I bought some fish head soup and it was good. It has been a while for me to eat this delicacy. Upon reaching home, Dad told me I got a gift from someone and he presumed it was from Ci Lisda which is true. I opened up the package and the little letter attached to it. It was very touching and the origami rose that she made was beautiful. What a talent. I feel bad though for not getting her anything at all for Valentine's day. I clearly did not expect this at all.

I guess with a very bulging stomach and such guilt of having gaining weight (I'm sure), I should just head back to reading Doctor Sleep. My date for the night is reading a horror novel which I do not regret at all.

ps: my opal card has finally arrived. I'll take a photo of it when I reach Sydney

15th of February, Sunday
Wrapped some more books after church. Wrapped about 39 books today not as much as last week which was 70. Kinda proud of it. It was super fun. It's a weird hobby I know. It was raining again and guess what, there was a mini flood just outside our neighbourhood. Good thing it settled down after a few hours. Mom, Vivi and I went to our apartment at Kuningan as there were visitors who were going to take a look around. I hope they like it and agree to rent the place. Fingers crossed.

After it was over, we went home, were very close in tasting the famous Italian ice cream Ragusa but mom took the wrong turn so we didn't pass it and so we picked Helen up from her pre-baptist class. Went home and ate some duck meat given by mom's friend. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

Another accomplishment in striking off one bucket list at a time. Today's stop is going to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah also known as the fieldtrip place for students. But in my case, when I was still at school, we didn't go to see the various museum sites inside the huge hectares lot, we went to the waterpark instead which was not educational at all. I so much prefer going to museums rather than showing off my skin wearing tights in the swimming pool.

Anyway, dad let us use his driver from the factory to go there which was amazing since we did not have to use public transportations to reach the place. It's pretty far you know if you are using public transportation. We used the highway instead and only took us about an hour which was very time-efficient.

Each person has to pay an entrance fee of Rp. 10,000.00 as well with the car which was charged the same fee. So there was the 4 of us along with the driver and we paid Rp. 50,000.00 to enter. I highly recommend people to enter using their car since the place is humongous and it really wastes your time if you have to walk from  one place to another since they are located far from one another.

Our goal that day was to visit every single one of the museums but we failed terribly and only visited a few. A few of which we took the most expensive and worth it experience such as the bird museum, reptile museum in which we could come face to face with the animals which was pretty cool. The stench however was unbearable. Talk about the blood-sucking insects using their golden opportunity to snack on us. We came out of the bird domes with spots on our legs and ankles. It looked revolting and it itched really bad. One hint: bring a mosquito repellant lotion with you and apply before entering everywhere.

When we arrived the place it was pretty empty and by the time we wanted to enter the Museum of Indonesia, there were a couple of school buses filled with students that were about to go in as well. At that instant I felt the chance of wandering the empty museum was buhbye.

the balinese setting of the museum Indonesia is simply splendid

inside the museum there are a lot of traditional clothes from all over Indonesia
DKI Jakarta

traditional wedding

this is super cool batik making

I must be thinking that the people who translated the original names of the items here must be using some
generic dictionary since the item #3 is Ceret and is called Diarhea. You can look at the picture below that Ceret is
definitely not a type of faeces as classified by the Bristol Stool Chart.
There is another word menceret when you can tell it is diarrhoea for sure. This is bahasaindonesia-101 for you peeps.
Dude and seriously look at item#4 Carved Diarrhea. Okay bros.. you cannot possibly carve diarrhoea. 

item#3 this is a teapot ladies and gents

corronation of a datuk (chief)


the donuts we bought beforehand

this bird is scary

this looks like corn

i love this photo best

touched a snake skin for the first time and it's incredibly smooth! 


pig-nosed turtle 

food first before keong mas

we watched the island of lemurs madagascar and it was boring like seriously. i even dozed off 3 times while ci lisda slept 

the last shot of the day after our energy has been drained. 
We went home at around 4 and reached home by 5 which was alright. We didn't get home too late . 
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