Tuesday, September 30, 2014


A great day to stroll down at the beach! I went to the library first in the morning to meet up with Nicole and then together at around 3:30-4:00ish we started to walk to Coogee Beach which is just 20 minutes away from uni. Despite my motivation of studying in the library I was not that productive and only went through a lecture. I did not even complete going through my biochem lectures. The guilt is trying to engulf me.

Went to buy some sorbets in Woolies but then we realised that we did not have any spoons. A sneaky thought came by and we went to Gelatissimo which was along the woolies for some free samples and went away with the spoons given.

The both of us talked and talked. Not to mention we also read the bible too. It was basically our one-to-one together. My first one-to-one with a medical science classmate.

went to chilli box thai restaurant

we stayed about 2 hours and we were so full! can't even finish eating

Monday, September 29, 2014

Movie Day

Three movies in a row baby! My comrades that day would be Alvin and Sharon. We started the day with watching Boxtrolls then Maze Runner. And an unplanned Magic in the Moonlight movie session along with Cim and Jopil.

Sorry for the super messy picture collage, I am too lazy. My favorite out of the three would be Boxtrolls. I love everything creepy arts. They are gruesome and yet they are appealing. The details mesmerise me. If I got the art book for boxtrolls I would definitely stare at a single page for hours, paying to each details!! 

Maze Runner was as expected awesome. My wait for this movie to be released is without a doubt worth it. I love it. It boosted my adrenaline rush. I got chills and goosebumps throughout the movie. It is the least boring movie you would see in cinemas. I love seeing Thomas Brodie Sangster to finally spurt from that tiny boy from Nanny McPhee. 

Last but not least, the movie in which Emma Stone stars in, Magic in the Moonlight! I have been eager to watch this since knowing that Emma Stone plays there. However, the movie is a total drop-down. It is boring. But I love the dialogs. My favorite phrase from the movie would be "you have lost your passport to paradise". 

Oh this is the first day my cousins came by for the holiday. They will be here for 2 weeks. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ci Icings' Bridal Shower

What a beautiful day today to celebrate the bridal shower of Ci Icing. There is never too much of pink indeed. For once, I finally acknowledge the beauty of pink. It is such a sweet, decent and feminine colour. It is not only fresh but also appealing to the eyes. All the decorations today are just different shades of pink.

The event was held in Mascot at Ko Niki's rooftop. There were games involved, food, and most importantly the sharing of the bride to be. My favorite game would be the wedding dress making which only used white plastic bags. All the guests were super creative and they really designed and created very fancy wedding dresses.

Devi drew this! isn't she the best

Ci Frida and Ci Icing and a nice display of dessert table <3

How well do you know Jeffry trivia

punishment of saying the wrong answers

cute windmill

photo time

ko niki! the space provider

Tears of joy filled the room as we congratulate Ci Icing on setting forth the next phase of her life. Praying for her to be the wife that submits to her husband and always rely on God in times of troubles, doubts, happiness and well basically every moments they phase together after the wedding day. 

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