Saturday, May 30, 2015

Vivid 2k15

Another display of lights filling the beloved city of Sydney. I am so excited to witness the spectacular light installations available this year. This it the third Vivid Sydney I have been during my stay in Sydney. I love this event because it is bring and colorful and best of all it is FREE. Sorry for being such a stingy-person. But hey, what do you expect from a student who is very tight in her budgeting expenditures. I wish Jakarta has events like this but I highly doubt it. Not to sound pessimistic or anything but I highly doubt it since no one in Jakarta is responsible in taking care fragile displays like this. And the traffic is unbearable and where would you put huge installations plus the volunteers to guard them. Anyway, enough with the illogical rambles and let's start talking about THIS YEAR'S VIVID.

From the light installations I have seen, I think the theme this year might link to the the sea. Because there are so many under the sea features that were portrayed from the art sculptures. Keep reading and scrolling the visual diary I present to you in this blog post.

i should have uploaded the photo without vivi in it
Before stopping to Vivid, I stopped by at an ice cream shop I have been wanting to try this sea salt ice cream from the day I saw some friends of mine posting this famous ice cream on instagram. The blue refreshing creamy ice cream of this sea salt flavor is the most worth-it innovative invention anyone has ever invented. Okay, I know I am exaggerating but it is the BOMB. I know if you look at the picture below, it looks like an ordinary mcflurry ice cream you could get from McDonalds, but I guarantee this is NOTHING like that. I chose the sea salt and lychee flavor in the photo below. It's great. Definitely have to check it out. And they usually change flavors every 2 weeks or a month, I am not sure. I really want to try the MELON flavor if it comes out again.

Large $4.3 (i know it's pricey but hey it's THE BOMB)

the tentacles

how cool is this they even installed lights under the water

we printed quite a lot of photos hehehe taken from the professional photographers there

I guess that is about it. I was super tired after all that walking because at first Vivi and I arrived quite early and we have walked around and saw everything in Circular Quay and The Rocks. But then Ko Feri and Ka Ely came and we strolled around again. I know there are more art displayed around the city but I did not have the time to catch them all.

The Crow

Brunch time with the girls from church. We went to try the new brunch place The Villace Crow at East Village in Zetland. It was a rad place.

Afterwards, Vivi and I went to Vivid. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

May Assessment Madness

Here are a few recaps on what I have been doing for the last days in the month of May. I was super busy at the moment. I had a lot of things to do. I mean, I have like three assignments due in a week. The last week of May was probably the climax of my study ventures.

super addicted with cadbury vegemite! 

23rd May, Saturday
Equip 2015 [link]

25th May, Monday
Finally my poster presentation is finished. I was super worried that it might go wrong because my partner screwed up most of the lab activities and we did not get any good result from our work, we even had to borrow another group's data for our poster. Anyway, Heidy and I stayed up late in the computer lab for last minute touch up on the poster. And during the day of presentation, I got the first batch of presenting, so at least I don't have to worry about it anymore. Look at my face over there, super asian and super tired looking. The poster presentation was apparently quite chillax and it was actually fun. I have never would imagined of enjoying a poster presentation session, but yea it was so much better than the presentation coming up on Thursday.
On Monday, I had to turn in my immunology assignment as well. Whoah. 

26th May, Tuesday
Happy birthday SAVITRI! Wishing you the best!

28th May, Thursday
Bacteria presentation on Listeria Monocytogenes. My group was the first one to present our stuffs in front of the class. It was nerve-wrecking. Not to mention, there was a technical difficulty with the projector. The suspension was driving me crazy. I was ready to get all this over with. I was the first to present. I was presenting with a very loud voice. The worst part was the question and answer session. The students were asking stuffs from my part and I was not well-prepared and I could not answer it. I was honest with it though and told them that I had not dug deeper. Anyway, I was super glad it was over. 

29th May, Friday
ah and it is time for bible study. lotsa snacks 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Equip 2015 - One Body One Life One Lord

There was a life streaming on Equip 2015 topic at Ci Icing's humble abode. A couple of girls from church came to her place to listen to it since apparently the tickets of Equip were sold out. The topic this year was 1 Body, 1 Life, 1 Lord. 

Glorifying God With Your Body 

[1 Corinthians 6:12 - 7:7]

presented by Carmelina Read

The world's view : "My body, my choice" 
No one has the right to tell me what to do

The Lord's view
This is different to the world's view because the world's view has eternal consequences (6:9-11). Revealing our choice than God will lead us to not inheriting the kingdom. We are all guilty and the choices we made in our body condemn us. But it is a relief that Jesus wash us clean and sanctify us, justify us. We are not guilty anymore so that we can inherit the kingdom of God. We are a new person and therefore we need an elevated view. An elevated view is to see your body is for the Lord. And that is by setting free from slavery (6:12). Paula agrees to the freedom but the wrong choice may enslave us. Sex outside of God's plan enslave us. Our bodies and soul are cared by the Lord and there are 3 proofs: 
i) God the father will raise our body and soul (v.14) when Jesus comes back 
ii) Jesus the son is united with the body (v.15), the body and the spirit and the Christ in an unbreakable union
iii) The holy spirit lives in our body (v.18). The body is incredibly precious and unity to Father, Son and Spirit
We are bought with a price and Jesus paid our debt. Our purpose is to honour God (6:20b). Reflect on Paul's teaching. As Christians, we are so blind to my choice influence but Paul challenged us to rethink our bodies that when it comes to our bodies it is NOT my choice but the Lord's choice. 

The Christian woman's view: "The Lord's body, The Lord's Choice" 
Pauls has challenged us that it is not my choice but the Lord's choice. Belonging to Jesus is a great decision ever made. Believe the good news. There is nothing that Jesus cannot forgive.

1) Honor God by fleeing from sexual immorality. Sex in any content dishonours God: flirting/oral sex/ fantasizing. The Lord who bought us says that sexual immorality is bad for us but his sayings are opposed by the world. How can we flee? We should be selective, do drastic actions to FLEE and honour God
2) Embrace sex in your marriage. God gives permission and that we should join with out husbands. Things may hinder sex in marriage: there is no perfect husband or even a perfect wife. Ask God to love one another, God's way is always good for you. Don't deprive.. married sex honours God (7:1-6)

Glorifying God With Your Sexual Desire

presented by Dr Patricia Weerakoon

The science of sexual desire 
             A sexual desire is a testosterone induced feeling which drives a desire of I want sex. It is the urge or sexual intimacy in the brain. The opposite is to not want sex but disinterested. The desire is determined involuntarily as well as voluntarily. Scripting occurs as you grow up. It is forming a screen for sexual attraction. However, with bad influence around us, poor scripts will get built into the brain. This is an involuntary action. On the other hand, Neuroplasticity is what you choose to feed your brain, a voluntary action. It reflects on what we are watching/reading/feeding our minds on. It will wire our desire patterns and what is wired can be re-wired. This means that the voluntary action is not permanent and nothing in your brain should stay the way it is. The desire is not static that is there is variation between individuals, with age, relationships and gender. Man and woman are different. Man is visual and quick like a microwave. Unlike man, woman is more like an oven that need to be pre-heated. So the question is, do we have control over sexual desire? It is always a choice. We have centres in the brain that processes the decision to be godly or not. We are not controlled by our desires. We are unique because we are created in the image of God. 

Understanding the world view on sexual desire
            Sexual desire as an irrepressible need that must be met. Human right is to have the desire filled. Commodity to be offered and bought for self-expression. No objective truth, it is about self-gratification not about honour. 

God's pattern for sexual desire
               It is a good gift, powerful, seductive and fragile (Genesis 2:18-25; Song of Solomons 8:6-7; Proverbs 6:27-28). To be treated with care, caution and self-control. Be celebrated in the context of marriage. And joyously lived without as a celibate single. 

Dealing with sexual desire
                There are problems like: self-stimulation (masturbation), same-sex attraction and pornography. Masturbation is getting yourself a sexual kick. It becomes a habit and it needs a kick of lustful stimulation. Same sex attraction is more to gender than sexual orientation. If you have any desires regarding same-sex attraction, you should know that close same-sex friendships are good and healthy but do not sexualise the friendship. Name it as a desire and ask for help to live a godly life. Attraction is a desire and you are able to choose. Pornography is hijacking the brain with super stimulation and therefore reality becomes boring. Wiring can be re-wired so break out of it and repent yourself. 

Keep remembering that there is hope because Jesus comes for sinners of whom I am the worst. Live in the beautiful life of God's glory. 

Glorifying God with Your Life

[1 Corinthians 7:8-40]

presented by Jane Tooher

     The principle of the passage is REMAIN as you are when God called you to be a Christian. There are options that are fine and godly to choose as mentioned by Paul to the Corinthians. But for some you can change your situation. This world won't last so do not become so consumed and prioritise to be here and now. Why should we remain? Paul's motivation for telling the Corinthians and us to remain is so that we can better understand the time.

     There are seven different life situations as mentioned by Paul. 
1) The unmarried and the widows (v.8-9) - We don't know Paul's marital history but we all know that he is single. According to Roman culture, if woman stays single after husband died they are called widows and v.9 says that if they cannot keep their self control, it is best for them to marry 
2) The married (v.10-11)  - The christian norm is not to divorce. This is a command (Matthew 5, Matthew 19, Mark 10, Luke 16). God hates divorce (Malachi 2:16). But there are exceptions in Deuteronomy 24:1-4 that is if a divorce occurs, it is good to stay unmarried or reconcile to the divorced partner. Divorce is permitted if adultery happens but it is not required. Try and remain married. marriage covenant broken if there is domestic violence. A marriage should be a safe place. If you are suffering from domestic violence try to remove it, do not deny and find a safe home to rebuild lives. 
3) The Christian married to an unbeliever who is willing to keep living with the Christian (v.12-14) - Jesus and Paul's ministry are at different stages. Recent believers might be married to people who are not Christians. Living a godly life is to act and how to relate. The unbelieving partner can be exposed to his believed partner, impacting in a good result.
4) The Christian married to an unbeliever who is not willing to keep living with the Christian (v.15-16) - It is their choice but trust God in his sovereignty and mercy. The norm might be to remain but maybe it is not their choice. 
5) Live the life God gives you (v.17-24) - Live as a believer just as God has called them. No hiding. Keep God's command is what counts. Remain in situation. In verse 21-22, slavery is described. Slavery means: badly treated; not always oppressive; complicated; economic security, move up the social ladder; early Christians were formal slaves. If you are a slave, do not be concerned because everyone was bought with a price. We are not defined by our status. Slave to Christ is what counts. 
6) Virgins (v.25-38) - This is long-term singleness and could be a concern for old males but sympathy for old women. The reactions to this would drive them crazy. In terms of time, flexibility is offered in a single person. There are lots of stereotypes but if you make the most of it, it would be attractive. Be obedient to God's commands. Take initiative and be welcoming to glorify God. 
7) Widows (v.39-40) - Free to marry after partner has died but he/she should belong to God. Younger widows should marry because of sexual urges (1 Tim 5:11)

    In summary, obedience to God is what matters and your life is about Glorifying God. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Med Revue 2015 - Super Cardio Bros

10th May, Sunday
I am still in love with my cartoon nails, although if you see close, you can see all the stripes and cracked artefacts. 

11th May, Monday
I bought the revue ticket today for $10. I kinda regret it of not buying it last week when it was sold for half price. I could have bought it for $5! :( 

12th May, Tuesday
It was my first time watching a revue in UNSW. I have been attracted to watch this show after since I saw the ad to Peter Pandemic which was 2 years ago. Anyway this year's theme was super mario which was another exciting theme to look out for. I went with Irene to watch this. First we went to noodle noodle restaurant somewhere in Kingsford, and as the title suggests, we bought noodles there. It was a huge serving size, the bowl was humongous, I was worried I could not finish it but then again I finished it. 

The revue was funny but crude jokes were there too though. My friends who were performing was amazing. So proud of them. The band was my most favorite part. They were so good. I even saw one of them who played in the orchestra I saw last year. She played the trumpet and was she good. I wish they made another separate show for the bands, now that is another show that I would definitely look forward to. Besides, my university degree is coming to an end soon, so happy I had to finally see a revue in my last year. Oh another thing that I was shocked was that this show finished at 11 at night which was way too late. I thought shows like this would be for just 2 hours (I compared with the usual durations of musical theatres). I had to walk though, Thank God the night was not that chilly. 

It's my father's birthday today! Happy birthday dad! :) 

13th May, Wednesday
I got rejected from the internship that I have applied. It was a pretty tough competition of only choosing 60 people against all unsw student population. Anyway, I signed up for MYC this year! Last MYC for me I guess. I have not paid yet since the due date is on the 28th of June. But good thing I have registered before the early bird ended. 

I had another group meeting for my bacteria presentation. I booked a room in the library. And boy the weather that day was chilly. I just wore 2 layers of clothes: a t-shirt and a coat. Another wardrobe malfunction. 

14th May, Thursday
The picture speaks for itself, we had pizza night! This was because I had music practice that night and I thought people might not have eaten yet so I bought quite a lot of pizza for us. Bon apetit monami! 

15th May, Friday
I stayed at home all morning catching up on lectures and projects. I had the sudden inspiration of naming the aloevera on my balcony Costanza just because it blooms. I tried to water it everyday though so that its flower won't whither. Ignore the first picture of the spotted bananas, I was just too bored. 

Later that night, during Friday Fellowship, our group played a game and these 2 mnms played as our money for the dice gambling game. So the topic that day was about Proverbs again.

16th May, Saturday
Ate at a Thai restaurant somewhere in Randwick with people from church. It was a great dinner, too bad the portion was too little or maybe we were such a big crowd. 

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