Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rocks Market

As I woke up early in the morning, I felt injected by heaps of happiness. What a great feeling to have on the start of weekend! Saturday, my most beloved day of the week. I was woken up by my alarm clock which has been set at 6:30 everyday. But as I looked through the window and gazed around my room, it was still dark. I could see an orange strike just beyond the horizon. I was a bit motivated to go out the building to catch the glimpse of nature's perfect view. However, the urge of spending more time in bed overpowered everything else. Maybe some other time then. I should for once witness sunrise as I have the incentive of living near the beach.

Anyway, I spent my time in the shower listening to various songs on my spotify. Part of my morning routine. This is very soothing to me. Fangirled a bit too. I found something really precious on youtube. I discovered another song that Santino Fontana sang! It's from a musical drama "Ordinary Days"of which song is entitled "Fine". I was mind-blown by his golden voice.

Just when I glanced at my phone, Ci Lily texted me that she was on her way. I suddenly became nervous. Because she said that she will accompany me distribute some resumes across the neighbourhood. I have never done this before and she was assisting me. I was really grateful by her kind gesture.

For the first retail shops I visited, they were not searching for any job applicants. But things got a little better when a kind employee offered if I would want to drop in my resume and she would give it to her manager. This actually enlightened my feelings of which was on the verge of tearing apart. I was being so pessimistic. I was so sure, Ci Lily was probably sick of cheering me up.

Let's just hope for the best and wait for them to contact me.

Afterwards, Ci Lily and I tried this famous hot instant noodle called "Samyang". I don't know if you have heard of it. But most of my friends said it was incredibly hot. I shared a packet with Ci Lily. For the first few bites it was pretty alright. Honestly it tastes similar to Shin Ramyun. However, after you have finished eating, the hotness suddenly kicks your tongue and makes you think your lips have swollen.

Then we headed to the City!

stopped by hungry jacks for Angry Onions! This is DELISH!

cute bags

Christmas never ends

lipbalm in a seashell. this is what i call CREATIVE

people climbing up the harbour bridge, this activity costs a fortune! 

Brown autumn leaves

came across a Foundation Park!! 

I don't how he could go down there. but this is pretty cool. 

Foundation park

I had to run as the self-timer was only for 3 seconds.
by the way, notice the matching flag shirts! this was unintentional.. same wavelength perhaps? HOHO

standing in front of The Soldier

The Settlers

cool optical illusion which costs too much greens! 

vintage post office! I had to risk being ogled at

we still got time before this museum closes! 

writing the guest book

how cute! 

look at those frog tarts!  

ci lily won an OWL

we were just turning the knobs of these machines and suddenly these brand new capsules fell down. We got a total of 5 capsules by just randomly turning the knobs. However, we didn't take it. I am not really interested in collecting these either. I was just taking turning the knob, took out the capsule, took a photo of it, return it inside. This happened 5 times. Ci Lily told me that the guard was actually eyeing on us. And when we left he quickly repaired the machine. I am pretty sure he was a bit confused why we didn't steal. Well you know why, because, we are Christians and we should be honest! 


table number 1

teriyaki wagyu beef

should have put the soy sauce in to add more colour. 

stopped by Home (thai restaurant) to buy Mango Sticky Rice 
cakue (don't know the spelling) and pandan sauce is the BOMB
The reason we went to the city at the first place was to see the weekly fireworks. Apparently today was earth hour day and there are no fireworks. Surprise2. LOL. But we had a lot of fun just by taking snapshots and testing freebies in the market! Not to mention the food we ate and the games we played are indescribable! 

Thank you Lord for the amazing day! 
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