Thursday, March 22, 2018


22.03.2018, ETA 11:15am 👄

  • Marks the day that I got my braces off! No more metal smile, prison bars, food getting stuck and no more wire poking. 
    Here comes vietnamese banhmi roll and chewing gum!

    What a delightful adventure since midyear 2016! Both highlights and lowlights involved. Lowlights would be the slightest movement of the teeth and the pain during the first couple of months. I could remember myself massaging my gum with my finger every night and taking panadol just so that I could sleep. I was possibly the most sensitive patient that experienced intriguing pain, while others don't. 
    But thankfully, there is this laser machine that Dr Sarah (ps, amazing dentist, super gentle and caring) used on me a couple of times and definitely helped with the pain. 
    This laser machine looks like something out of #tronlegacy #fancyofcourse

    Anyways, back to - Highlights, most importantly being able to see obvious changes in the mirror and witness the movement. I mean I could really notice my Spongebob Squarepants gap being closed slowly and gapless for the first time in ages, that itself, has been mindblowing. 
    Extremely glad that I was able to do this since I have been dreaming and needless to say I actually prayed having gapless teeth every night (no joke)

    During the treatment, Dr Sarah taught me how to brush properly before bonding the fixed retainer behind the back of my teeth. Very important step because without proper brushing, esp with the retainer now, brushing may be even more challenging. Plaque disclosing solution is applied first to check any plaques. 

  • Then after I have nailed it, the process started! I relaxed and listened to the conversation between Judy (Dental nurse) and Dr Sarah. And then she played me Dirk Gently on netflix. Pretty good stuff, I am hooked, just trying to figure out a time to start the series. Probably just after I finish watching Fresh off the boat. 

  • The debonding of the brackets are filled with crackling noises which are quite horrific but at the same time very satisfying with each cracks of freedom. My teeth were then polished to remove all the remaining glue. And the occlusal stops were then polished so I could close my teeth properly. 

After that, I just could not stop smiling and licking my teeth as they feel so slimy and sleek at the same time. I could not believe my teeth were very white as well when I looked at the mirror. The only thing i was concerned was my swollen gums near my upper canines. I really need to brush them and floss them well. Hopefully they can return back to its normal size. 

Rachel helped me with taking the impression for the top and bottom set of my retainers. I felt like I was going to vomit when the first upper set was made. Fortunately, nothing was hurled out. 
i just had to pick up the retainers on the next day! Woohoo, very exciting. 

I was super energized that day. I just could not stop smiling all the way.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Job Hunting

It's the second day of Autumn here in Sydney! February went by swiftly indeed with just 28 days this year. A couple of updates: by God's grace, I have passed my PTE and PTC exams! PTE: english test, while PTC is the online preliminary theological course that I took online over the summer.

I am also in a middle of finding an accounting job. There has been a lot of changes lately. I know that for now I am clinging on to my interdependence to God. I don't know what is going to happen. Whether there will be a job that is going to knock on my door, or would deportation be knocking the very next minute, I am totally surrendering my faith and future in God.

At this point of my life, I realise that stepping out of my comfort zone takes sacrifices. Evolving and pursuing another career path has not been easy. Applications after applications, but still 0 interview. Praying that March will be more productive.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Australia DAY

Happy Australia DAY! It's the 26th of Jan, and it is a public holiday here. I spent my day very "productively" today. The air quotes reveal how unproductive it is. I was planning to spend the whole day studying for PTE, but how wrong can I get. In the end, I only spent 2 hours of PTE before writing this blog.

I woke up at 10:30am in the morning on the couch! I was watching a scientology movie documentary last night and thought that I would learn something interesting, but unfortunately, as soon as the lights were off, my eyes went completely shut too. I spent the remaining of the days, doing laundry, organising a bit of the living room section, cooking, watching 2 episodes of THE OFFICE. How I love that tv show, I have never completed it. Maybe I should. And lastly, I have backed up all my 300GB-worth of photos to a harddisk! FINALLY.

There was a crime scene happening near my neighborhood. All I noticed was a very noisy helicopter flying near us causing so much noise. Apparently there was a herd of police officers as well. I don't know whether they are called herd collectively.

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