Friday, January 26, 2018

Australia DAY

Happy Australia DAY! It's the 26th of Jan, and it is a public holiday here. I spent my day very "productively" today. The air quotes reveal how unproductive it is. I was planning to spend the whole day studying for PTE, but how wrong can I get. In the end, I only spent 2 hours of PTE before writing this blog.

I woke up at 10:30am in the morning on the couch! I was watching a scientology movie documentary last night and thought that I would learn something interesting, but unfortunately, as soon as the lights were off, my eyes went completely shut too. I spent the remaining of the days, doing laundry, organising a bit of the living room section, cooking, watching 2 episodes of THE OFFICE. How I love that tv show, I have never completed it. Maybe I should. And lastly, I have backed up all my 300GB-worth of photos to a harddisk! FINALLY.

There was a crime scene happening near my neighborhood. All I noticed was a very noisy helicopter flying near us causing so much noise. Apparently there was a herd of police officers as well. I don't know whether they are called herd collectively.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Haguruman Style

 Look at this amazing Dr Barber from Flapjack! I love this cartoon network show, it is both eerie and funny at the same time. The artwork has a lot of intricate details. Anyway, Dr Barber aside,
I stumbled something ridiculously adorable online today. There is actually a Sanrio Character about teeth! You know that there are not a lot of dental-related things on tv!

This thrilled me so much after knowing about Haguruman Style, a character from Sanrio! It's the less popular version of gudetama. See the video below! The other 2 videos below that are just other videos that I saw on youtube. I wish I could understand them!

Friday, January 19, 2018


The first month of the year can be the most motivating month throughout the whole year. I would like to start of on how terrible I have been trying to commit in writing blogs, but failing endlessly. Look at the blank threads I made in 2017. Amazing! I would like to recap on what happened in that year. My 2017 diary was practically filled with a lot of activities! Unfortunately, this grey diary of mine is misplaced so I could not track back and write in a congruent way.

Anyway, I am currently in the middle of studying for my PTE (english test) that is coming up soon on the 11th of Feb. I was a little bit bored in listening to the youtube practice questions and decided to blog. Maybe this way, I would be able to brush up my writing skills too. Even though, all this rambles are just too casual and not very formal like.

I decided to pause my PTE academic practice videos and decided to play some music instead. Playing tunes from the Greatest Showman original soundtrack. I would say that the music is very catchy and costumes were invigorating. Although on the downside, the storyline was not very interesting at all. Typical rags to riches story with a twist of bad business at the climax leading the main character for a self-realisation that money is not the point.

A couple of minutes passed without any words..I was distracted with my phone when I decided to insert a picture I took this year. Apparently, I did not have any worthwhile photo on my phone. I may not attach any photo on this post. Speaking of phones, my S5 is extremely without exaggeration the slowest. I am contemplating of whether to buy a new phone or not. At the same time, my laptop is starting to hit rock bottom as well. My expenditure would boost through the roof. I suggest myself to wait till my phone breaks and my laptop died. I still have not backed up both. WHATEVER WILL HAPPEN.

🍒  --> Is this an emoji?!
Blogger has a new feature! I LOVE IT! I guess this post would not be so boring after all. I will insert more EMOJIS! Why are there no FLOWER emojis when you need them.

🍔 🍔 ttyl :)

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