Saturday, September 26, 2015


A 3-hour road trip to Canberra is definitely not a bad idea. Well, look who's talking, am I right, I was not the one who drove all the way from Sydney to Canberra. However, if I was able to drive and if I had a car in Sydney, I would be most delighted to drive! I love car rides! And surprisingly I did not feel queasy in the whole journey. 

At 7:30 Ko Freddie picked Cim, Vivi and I from Coogee and we headed straight to Maccas for some breakkie and afterwards off we went to Canberra. Our car troop also included Ivan. It was a fun car ride, we played the always-go-to-game called the ABC-lima-dasar, all Indo kids would be familiar with this. We also listened to some music and sang to some tunes as well. 

When we had arrived, we had to go for a pee-pee, since we had been holding it for 3 hours. And we came upon this cute little banner shack just outside the toilet. I still regretted why I only took this single photo, and if you could see in the top right corner you could see Vivi's finger. Oh my, I still feel irritated looking at it. I know you would think why I could not just crop it, but hey yea, there is this thing about my laptop, apparently after I have edited all the photos in iphoto, it still shows the original version of the photo. This don't usually happen. And I could not even be bothered to find out why. 

we ordered the red velvet flavour from the famous milkshake bar- patissez

the line was too long. 

see the smiley

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