Sunday, June 29, 2014

Angel Place (Ft. Devi)

First day of my first winter break week! Super excited. I had a day out with Devi today. We strolled around the city and even went to Angel Place. The place I have been curious about since the day Devi told me about it. 

Not to forget, this morning I had my last meetup sesh with Ci Lily. We finally finished the book that we have been reading, Women for God. It is a great book and we are reminded that as women we have our duties to support one another, whether with our current earth status of being single or married, we will have our royal wedding with God when we meet him up in heaven. Now, that's the true marriage. Being the Bride of the Lamb, we ought to do godly things. 

After the meet up session, I met up with Devi and we decided to head to Big Echo, a karaoke place, to check if the 12$ unlimited hours offer is still available. But to our great luck, it hasn't opened yet. We came about this place about 4 times and still it was closed. However, at around 5:30ish, it was opened, and the karaoke plan could still run smoothly and according to plan! 

At around noon, we were both hungry! We decided to grab our lunch at Angel Place at a restaurant called Ash Street Cellar. Angel Place is such a magical and vintage place to be. With cobalt grey stone tiles that covered this authentic alley, an enchanting wonderland ambiance is created. Dangling up in heaven are about 50 bird cages that represent the 50 birds'  forgotten songs. This is a city art installed to commemorate the lost of fifty bird species. I was absolutely starstruck seeing the bird cages. I think I could spend my time, looking above, counting each bird cages even if strangers would think I am weird. But I did not get the chance to do that. 

meet Devi
 Lunch experience itself was a an extraordinary experience. We were greeted by the most friendly bartender. Moreover, a guy in a very neat outfit asked us whether we were just having lunch or coffee. I could not hear what he was saying except for the word "lunch" because I was just dumbfounded by his foreign accent, I am guessing Italian, and also by his sleek appearance. The restaurant turns out to be a lot formal than we were expecting. I quickly asked for the menu which he hurriedly gave us one each. Another thing was he asked if we wanted coffee twice.

flat white


i had to add 4 clumps of sugar just to sweeten the bitterness of this beverage. road to diabetes here i come

we ordered the roasted duck sandwich! 

what cute dills. they look like mini cacti in a white porcelain pot

creme brule with rhubarb

a fine lunch indeed! 

devi left her lips on the napkin. HAHA

at first I cant even figure out what the words are except for Ash and St. i thought
the last word would be Celia or something. I had to google out the name first
to make sure it says something different. It turns out to be Cellar.
Sorry for my dyslexic self. 

Off we went to our next destination which was to check the karaoke place again, but then it was still closed. I never knew it would open so late. I thought they had a packet of singing karaoke starting from 12 or 1. But then again, I was wrong. 

Next on, we headed to Wynyard which has nothing in it besides buildings and offices. Then bought cupcakes as recommended by Devi. 

peppermint and red velvet ready to go
 We decided to eat the cupcakes at a park. As the store was a little bit too cramped up. Headed to Hyde Park at first. Entered the monument building of which I do not know the name of. I could have just google it but then I am too lazy to open a new tab and type and do some research. Pardon my laziness. I think if I am not mistaken, I could be totally wrong though, but based on my sight memory, this building could be called as Anzac Monument Building. It is to commemorate the soldiers who have died in war. 

weirdest photo ever

The reason we went to Hyde Park was to find a public toilet in which we could not find it which was weird because I was sure there should be one. Then we headed to Royal Botanic Garden because I like that garden a lot compared to any other parks there is in Sydney. 

Along the way to Botanic Garden, we were talking out loud in Indonesian that there was someone who was walking a few steps ahead of us asked us if we needed any help. We told him we were just looking for a public toilet. He told us that there is a toilet inside the Art Gallery Museum in which we obviously know because it is the museum after all. But we were just looking for a toilet outside the building or somewhere inside the garden. He asked us whether we were from Jakarta. He knew it from our accents. His name is Jeff. He also asked us for our contact details like emails and phone numbers. We only gave him our emails. I could not believe that we were allured into the art gallery museum before we departed. It was a good thing I was not alone this time. It would be a lot scarier if I had to face this guy alone. Anyway, he sells houses and rents houses and I think he was trying to advertise what he has to us. LOL. 

Anyway, in the end we had our toilet breaks inside the art gallery museum. How fancy. 

Then we headed to the Royal Botanic Garden to devour our cupcakes. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Devi showed me a local comic store and secondhand bookshop which excited me so much. I never knew such places existed. We also bought some korean street food too along the way. Bought some ddoebokki (idk the spelling). It's a korean ricecake thingy. 

peppermint cupcake

red velvet cupcake

ddoebokki with my super dry palm

eating cupcake the right way is making it into a sandwich! 



what a pretty sky
Afterwards, we headed back to Big Echo again. Look at us, being so keen just for karaoke. Devi and I waited for everyone inside the building. We even sat on the floor. HAHA. We just don't care. It was too cold outside that we decided to just stay in. We started at 6 and most of us finished at 12! Six hours of Karaoke achievement unlocked! 12$ was well spent indeed. 

We sang a lot of songs that night. I was positively sure that I would lose my voice tomorrow. We were just shouting and unclogging one another's ears. It was awesome. The microphones are pretty bad though. It makes our voices echo. Now, I know why it is called the Big Echo! This might be because of the bad microphones. My favorite songs that night would obviously be all the Frozen tracks. Love it love it love it! Especially Love is an open door. My ultimate favourite among all other Frozen soundtrack. 

I just found out that my voice is just terrible. I don't know why I misinterpret it falsely. My voice sounds good in the shower and while singing along to songs in spotify but why does it suck during karaoke. All notes are just all over the place. Oh well, this is like me "now you know" feeling. bluh.. I am starting to write some weird word expressions now. 

Good night! 
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