Friday, May 30, 2014

Savitri's 22nd

Happy birthday to a dear sister in Christ, a KFC enthusiast.. aa aa aa, KFC as in Keen Followers of Christ. hihihi.. A very joyful birthday to you, Savitri! Wishing you all the best in all the gifts God has cherished for us in this world.. Keep looking forward for the future as the future beholds a great paradise that lasts till the end of time.

on the 26th of May

Fast forward to 30th of May...... which is Friday which is bible study..

KFC-ers planned another surprise for our dear sister. But because, we were surprising her inside the building. We could not afford to light up the candles as there are smoke detectors inside. So we came up with a more brilliant idea.

Devi ready for a tan in a tan bed

happy birthday!! notice the bday cake, y'all 

it looks pretty legit for a fake fire

chop chop chop
Everything went smoothly till the part when I was preparing the cake and suddenly Haubert was calling my name to grab people's attentions. Hopefully, the distraction team aka the other KFCers were able to distract Sapi smoothly.. LOL. A job well done for such a cooperative group ! <3 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Walking in the clouds as light as a feather [Meet up outing]

Another day out with Ci Lily to catch up what we have been doing for the week. In case I have not written anything about Ci Lily. Basically, she is my one-to-one partner this year and we meet up once a week. And in case you have not heard what a one-to-one partner is, this person is an accountable person of whom you both share read and learn the bible together. Moreover, sharing with one another and also most importantly encourage one another about Jesus' second coming. Honestly, I really enjoy having a one-to-one partner and I take delight in every one-to-one sessions I have had thus far. It is a great moment to get close to someone and learning a lot from them too. And on top of that, I am more motivated to read the bible with a friend.

Today's trip was to West Ryde. The most stupid thing happened. I took the wrong bus as it did not stop in central station. And I was still stubborn enough in not stopping at the nearer bus stop to central which was somewhere before Martin Place. Yes I stopped at Martin Place. And when I looked at my gps, I had to take 30 minutes just to walk from the position I was at to Central. I was in a panic mode as Ci Lily was already waiting for me at the train platform. I had to take the bus again to save time.

After a while, I finally arrived and we headed to West Ryde. Going to Koorong for the first time.

I have always been so curious about Koorong. It is a Christian bookstore and I heard it was a pretty big store. It was quite big. It took me a while to get used to the books arrangement there. I was quite lost in even searching for the books I wanted to buy. There were a lot of sales. In the end I bought plenty of books. What a great day. We spent about two hours, hovering around, reading blurbs after blurbs of Christian books; filtering out which books are worth to buy. Not to mention, I even signed up for a membership at Koorong.

what a cute mug. I was thinking of buying this for a gift, but then again, my hands were quite full and I was quite
worried it would break along the way

we waited for 20 minutes for the train

but having a company just makes time goes so fast and it was about time that
the train came

next stop was Jeans Chilli Chicken! Finally my craving for this Korean cuisine
has been quenched! 

the membership card 


the rice ! 

my favorite! chicken buldak (the only dish name that I could remember)

we had our one to one session time here

We stayed for a while in Jeans Chilli Chicken. We are reading the bible with a study guide entitle Woman of God. I presume that everyone can read this book. Because, it is not specifically pointed to women only as it is general as we are all a bride with God as our groom on the wedding day which is coming near also known to be as the Judgement Day. What I find interesting in this guide is that women are appointed to different tasks compared to men. They are meant to take care of the family and serve as a sidekick to the husband. Being submissive is such a great challenge for women in a sinful world we are living now. But then again, following Christ is not an easy task and all through sufferings that we can be shaped into a mature Christian in our race to eternal paradise.

Following our meetup sesh, we took the train back to Circular Quay to see Vivid 2014. It is the second day of Vivid Sydney 2014! It was totally crowded. Finding a toilet was just a great "adventure". Ci Lily, Irene and I had to use a toilet in McDonalds as public toilets are basically too crowded. Fortunately, we were still waiting for Raymond so we still got lots of time to venture around finding toilets. One tip for next trip to Vivid, empty bladder first before getting trapped in a crowded place with people flowing out and endless queue in the public toilets. Lesson learned.

Vivid 2014 is the BOMB! so much better than last year's

my favorite spot! <3 

why do i have a red nose I DO NOT KNOW

what i bought today! 
A whole day strolling around was pretty exhausting. I should definitely go for a day out trip like this in the holiday. It was whole lot of FUN FUN FUN! 

Friday, May 23, 2014

KFC Home Study

First ever home study of the Keen Followers of Christ group at unilodge! What even better choice of food other than KFC for a night digging the bible together! Thank you Rendy for welcoming us into your place.

It has been a while since I ate KFC
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