Saturday, April 26, 2014

19th Biennale of Sydney

The Biennale of Sydney is a three-month exhibition showcasing around 1600 artists from 100 countries of visual contemporary arts. This event is held in every two years. It was the first Biennale to be established in the Asia-Pacific region. The arts are well-distributed at main museums in Sydney. The main attraction is settled at Cuckatoo Island while the others can be as easily accessed at Art Gallery of NSW, Museum of Contemporary Art, Artspace and Carriageworks.

I have been attracted to it since the day I glanced and read a poster about it that was stuck on the bus stop while boringly waiting for my bus to come. I have been researching about this and have been ignited to visit the event. It took me two days to visit 3 out of 5 museums.

On a rainy Anzac Day, Savitri and I met up at Circular Quay to stroll around the city. I really get the hang of "catching up" with people. Such a great moment to open up and share stories and even get advises. The rain did not stop us from meeting up. Neither did the less busses on a public holiday.

As soon as we met up, we went to the cutest and coziest restaurant at The Rocks called The Fine Food Store. The place was crowded. We were struggling in finding a place to sit. We changed seating places for about 4 times.

The weather was actually pretty nice, it adds to the autumn vibe.

dirty chai


this was super good! the caramelised onion is just off the rooftop. 

biennale at Museum of Contemporary Art

trying to do a self timer with only 3 seconds! Somehow I could not change the setting! 

in the end we asked one of the volunteers to help us out

cushions in a form of clothes! adorable! 


this reminds me of cheese! 

the wall was not supposed to be orange. 

this is probably the highlight of all Biennale for me! 

this is made out of glass which took months to dry. and weighs a ton
(if i'm not mistake)

this room made me dizzy as soon as I stepped out of it

you have the most original way of putting one foot in front of the other

disturbing owls

afterwards we went to the public library of NSW 

this is not apart of Biennale but it was a great display of birds and fishes

art gallery! 

different representation of colourful stripes

i love COLOURS!  

this reminds me of doodle jump

a display of people writing "forgive" messages

Happy YingMei performance! I even asked her to write something for me on
that piece of paper I was holding. She kept on talking to me in Chinese
even though I could only understand a tiny bit! 

Anzac Parade
Afterwards, we headed back to eat at Kingsford with other churchmates before going to Bible Study. There was an introduction of a new series proceeding next week followed by a boardgame night. After we were done for the night, I asked people if they would like to join for an outing to Cuckatoo Island the next day. There were 20 of us.

I can't believe it's the end of easter break already.

Anyway,, keep reading!

we rode a ferry which costed 7$ (return) to Cuckatoo Island

Biennale Ferry 
it was less than a 30minutes journey

Small villages

my second favorite display- the Powerhouse. 
incredibly creative, all the machines have their respective tasks. eg: pink fountain, bubbles, mannequin head being rised 

oh now I get it, the head was upside down

the Ghost Train

you create what you will

lol, posing with an umbrella

coffee break for some of us

climbing up the southern stairs

this is creepily gorgeous to me

mini small villages! 

aww what a cute drawing

lol. yep i'm blocked with the bar. -_- kathleen too. oh well

the Parade

lunch time while waiting for our turn for the ghost train

10 tickets! the other 10 is from 2:00 to 2:15

the ghost train was dark, full of shocking sound effects

Storytelling at the Small Villages- The Legend of the Pineapple

at around 2:30 we took the ferry home
frozen yogurt @Anita with unlimited amount of toppings! 
I hope I am able to see the other two displays at Artspace and Carriageworks. :) 
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