Sunday, September 22, 2013

CBS Church Celebrate

At church today, I learned about the relationship about Psalm 22 and the last words in which Jesus cried out on the cross. Psalm 22 is about David's cry to God when he was in such a depressed mood in which he felt abandoned by God. The last words which Jesus cried out was : Eloi eloi lama sabacthani  which means My God My God, why have you forsaken me?. Jesus is actually quoting the whole Psalm 22. This proves that the prophecy in which David had foreseen had been fulfilled with Jesus dying on the cross.

I hope I described it right.

After sermon, there was a baptism near. Our friend, Untoro, was baptised today! There were 7 people who were going to be baptised.

gosali writing something for untoro

Athanasius Wong 

ko popo drew it! 

lunch today

congratulations to untoro! 

After lunch, we had a quick nice chat with Ci Fefe who will be leaving us in a week time to Indonesia.

signing our names on her long arms

people waiting in line for their turn

group photo

ko Rusmin, Ci Hilda and Ci Fefe

with ci fen2

with untoro

playing random stuffs
Then later on, as people started to leave, I left too with Kristel, Cim, Tomas and Haubert. We headed to the ASB building. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Red Velvet

Woke up pretty late today at about noon and went to grocery shopping! It was extremely sunny today.

After shopping, went to Kevin's place for BBQ.

We were baking Red Velvet today!

red velvet goop NOT tomato/chilli sauce

alvin making his favorite dish, polenta

south african sausage

bacon kebab


garlic bread

the polenta

cutting the sausage
Our tummies felt a little bloated after finishing dinner, so we decided to go for a night walk to the park.
It was incredibly dark at night. What an eerie atmosphere! During our way back, we exchanged some creepy stories that just worsen the whole situation and I chickened out.

alvin and kevin using lab coats. 
Upon arriving, we started on the dessert! Along with sipping a relaxing cup of green tea.


The red velvet is too good to be true! Can't stop taking a nibble out of it! I even took some home. It was a great and tiring day! 
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