Sunday, August 30, 2015

What Remains

Hey Everyone (as if people are reading), I know it has been a while for me to actually write a post here. I mean WRITE and not just posting photos of events and writing briefly of what is going on in the picture. Basically, the season is transitioning from winter to spring. As you can see the cherry blossoms are at their finest beauty. 

Anyway, the other reason why I wanted to conjure up words rather than posting pictures is that I have to share my obsession of musicals. In fact, I am infatuated by it. If you guys have been faithfully reading my blog since the very beginning, you all might have noticed how my interests vary from time to time. But I must say that this current obsession is probably the most sophisticated interest I have stumbled upon. I have been listening to musical songs everyday. I even made a playlist specifically for musicals on spotify. The reason why I love musicals are the songs. The songs are beyond great. Talk about the lyrics that are meaningful and catchy melody as well. It is really hard for me to memorise the lyrics though because of my limited english listening skills. Gah. 

You know the thing about songs from musicals is that you can get hooked to a song even though at first impression you dislike it, but if you keep on listening to it, it somehow got engraved to your mind and suddenly would pop out in the morning and make you crave to listen to it. True story. 

Enough about musicals, let's talk about how I am going through my last semester of my degree. I am in the middle of my semester where all assignments and mid semester tests are to be due soon. Despite this, I still procrastinate and still manage to post this entry for you guys, ain't I sweet? I only took 3 courses this semester: Viruses, Human Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology 2. Hardest would definitely be Viruses because there are just so many things to memorise. The other one hard to tackle is the Mol.Cel Bio, and that is because I have a hard time understanding it. Not to mention, I missed lectures due to a job that I got. By God's grace, I have finally got a job! Make way for the working lady people. 

I work as a dental assistant and it is tough. It is definitely the highest pace working environment I have ever landed on. I can't wait for the pay though. I have so many things in mind to achieve. I am eyeing on this piano music book on the musical, Catch Me If You Can. I really love the musical arrangement and wanted to challenge myself in playing the piano. This is one of the musical that I love each and every songs of it. 

Gotta go now, it is fun and though a bit rustic in writing, I should do this as often as I can. 
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