Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hello Jakarta

I'm going back to Jakarta!! This was the first time I went home by myself although accompanied by Andrew and Irene. It was not the same as going back home with Cim. Because this time I felt alone. I was kind of paranoid in everything. I felt I had forgotten how to go back to Indo despite the fact that I had gone back last year. 

However, checking in and all seems such a breeze. I am sure I could do it the second time with ease! 

mcd lunch 
We sat on row 45! Just behind the toilets with spacious leg space. 

i have always loved airplane food. is that weird. idc. 

couscous !! it's better than i had expected

always love this hot choco

i was expecting mango popsicle but raspberry was alright

I guess I forgot to put the other shredded-beef patty photo here but that was the last snack they served us. It was alright but then again I was too full. I have never been so full in an airplane in my life. Maybe that's because I ate mcDonalds beforehand. 

By the time we arrived in Jakarta, it was HOT HOT HOT. Oh and by the way, all the chips are safe and sound. They didn't tear up! Phew. What a relief. Oh by the time I went out from customs check I saw Vivi, Helen and Papi waiting for me. Vivi and Helen were intentionally using green clothes. okay, i guess they were trying to welcome me. Thanks for the gesture. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Coogee Pavilion // 1-to-1 // Tim Tam Challenge

At a bout midday, I met up with Irene at Coogee Pavilion! We ate there. It was splendid. I did not know why the sweet-tooth in me urged me to order dessert for lunch. I was on the verge of regretting it but then when it was served, I started to salivate. It was awesome.

we didn't order any cocktails. to be honest I took a photo of this
just to take a snapshot of the menu. the main course menu was already taken
so we were just left with the drinks menu

the rhubarb ice cream sundae

irene's onion rings

irene's fish and chips

irene with her cards 

we went out to the cliff for one-to-one. time sure went by so fast

then we went to unsw for some timtam challenge shooting.

some of it is already melting :( 
watch the videos!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Potting Shed

Last lunch getaway with uni friends!!! Went to The Potting Shed at The Grounds of Alexandria. I have always seen my friends posting photos of them posing at a very cute restaurant but I would have never guessed it was at The Grounds. The last time I went to The Grounds was maybe last year which was with Santa. This time I went out with her and a bunch of other friends.

I actually got a surprise from Kevin, Alvin and also Kenn. So they picked me up from Coogee and suddenly they told me that they got me something. It was a TRIPOD and Chamomile Tea!!!! I have been considering of buying a tripod a few days ago since I have been addicted in making youtube videos. Since I can't borrow Tomas' tripod forever, why not invest on my own instead. Thanks guys so much!! And the Chamomile Tea is AH-MAZING! It's of the brand TWG which was a pricey brand for tea, can't believe you guys would buy me something of top-notch quality. I love chamomile! It relaxes me. I am actually taking a sip of the chamomile tea right now while typing up this post.

companions of the day

the shed platter!
That grey stuff over there! IT'S DELICIOUS! Lumiere is right (referring to Beauty and the beast)

I really wish I had stood more in the middle. *sigh*
not skilful enough

cute huh

biscotti covered with that grey stuff. it's a greek sauce


the wagyu

popcorn chicken

soiled dishes! potting, pots, get it? 

cutie <3

Kevin Bacon has gotten huge!! it's been a year and it has grown so much! 

Santa's nails that I painted a few days ago!! <3

kevin bacon has blonde hair (fur?)

Salt Meats Cheese

crystal rock salt

posing with the humongous nutella jar

idk why this photo gets so many likes on fb! WHY -_- 

massaging .. aww this reminds me of interactions from The Sims

Santa with her out-of-focus left hand
It was a well-spent day out and I will be meeting them again next year! Happy Holidays! 

For dinner, I went to an Indo Restaurant called Ayam Tulang Lunak somewhere along Kingsford. It was good. :3 
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