Saturday, October 31, 2015


This is long overdue but I am going to post this anyway. So this halloween, a bunch of us went to Luna Park to dress up as friendly cartoon characters to wander around the theme park getting a taste of halloween. I personally had never celebrated halloween before if I exclude the times when I was "forced" to use a black cape to read the thought of the day in a school assembly. That was not proper dressing up. It was not a real cape. But I enjoyed it anyway.

Coming back to this halloween-palooza madness. I have been waiting for this day since the first day we purchased the ticket. We got the early bird rates which was pretty cool. I had a pretty tough week and was so excited for this to come. I had finished all my assignments beforehand and yea this was my afterparty.

I dressed up as Mario and Vania as Luigi. We made a perfect match huh.

had a buritto 

i brought my mini mario with me 

super friendly carnival man, love the makeup

this one is pretty intense, she was staring at me, and when i initiated
conversation, she was just staring at my soul 

first off! The hotel transylvania forest

met this friendly mummy of whose name I forgot

met these girls later on, so they were going to ride a 5-rated spook level ride, and clarissa and i had to pass

we went karting instead

we were thirsty and we had to buy some blood punch.
they took away my bottle when we were entering

red riding hood erina

trick or treating for the little kids 

it was hard taking a picture with this guy as he was moving around a LOT of times

group photo! 

still my favorite photo by FAR! 
Definitely a great night spent, grateful that it did not rain that night. It was hot and stuffy with all the people around. Best ride would be the mystery manor. We took 2 hours just to queue. Not to mention, my camera was malfunctioning. I was in a panic. And just to make it worse, I lost my camera lens cap. We were walking around with our flashlight looking on the streets. Thank you to Clarissa and Sonia who helped me. But in the end it was a silly accident, as the lens cap fell and got stuck in the folded area of my pants. Thank God. At the end of the day, it was a night full of screams indeed. I just realised I am a bit of a chicken myself. All the staff actors and actresses were just spot on ! 


Hey again ! Just a quick update. Today as on the 30th of October 2015! I finally completed my last assignment for my bachelor degree! I submitted it quite late though, so hoping that it won't get penalised. Have mercy on us (Referring to myself and my teammate).

Final exams are just right around the corner, lurking around, waiting to strike me. I have not done much of any preparation yet, but I better should start soon! Wish me luck. Let the three final exams BEGIN. I kinda have this mixture of feelings of wanting to get over with all the finals asap but then I don't want that uni feeling to end since I am finishing soon. I just hope i pass the courses and not fail in any of them, cos i don't want to repeat.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sat-ART-day // Sculptures by the Sea

Today has been a very artsy day for me. Because I started the day with okay, not the museum straightaway, okay I was practicing piano for this sunday's service. But afterwards, Vivi and I headed to the art gallery museum since we were given free tickets to the Julia Margaret Cameron exhibition. Thank you to Ci Icing! Woohoo. Then we headed to my first time experience of Sculptures by the Sea. It was great, the weather was extremely hot and windy. Talk about wearing all black that day too. On the bright side, I did not get a tan.

Enjoy the diary :)

my ultimate fav! 

that night there were people coming over for sushi and we watched hercules on the projector ! 

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