Sunday, March 29, 2015

Marching to the end

25th March 2015, Wednesday
I finally finished the Just For Starters with Irene after months of doing it. But then again it is not about the speed of completion of the book but about learning something about it in the end. 

28th March 2015, Saturday
Had a meeting early morning in Maroubra for Copin and Danju's wedding. I was wearing the wrong outfit and it was super chilly that day. I was sort of wearing a skort and baggy one indeed and I felt a bit like Marilyn Monroe when the wind was gushing down under. The moral of the story is definitely to check the weather forecast and look out for the wind speed and wear something appropriate. Later that evening, I had a meet up with Ci Hilda after been missing a few weeks. We talked quite a lot though. Afterwards, I had to catch up with Santa as well. We had an early dinner at a Thai restaurant in Coogee and went straight to the park beside the beach playing some tunes. 

29th March 2015, Sunday
Had church and at night we surprised Sonia for a pre-birthday celebration since her birthday is on the 30th of March. And can't you believe it, March is almost over and the temperature is beginning to drop. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spectrum Festival

Last day of Spectrum Festival and I was able to glance and visit for the last time. First and last to be more specific. I have been seeing a lot of posts on the Strawberry Watermelon cake nitrogen ice cream. It was tempting and apparently they only sell it during this event only. It was good but not as delicious I have imagined it to be. Definitely refreshing on a hot day. But I prefer the cake. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ikea // 99c sold out

First trip mission to buy the 99c box! However, it was sold out after lots of wandering around and asking the staff. I was super disappointed but hey at least I got my meatballs and bought some hangers for my clothes. 

their first time going to ikea

does my bum look big in this

the famous meatballs 

70c ice cream + chocolate

Friday, March 20, 2015

FastForward the Weekend, straight to Week 3

Saturday, 14th of March
We had music practice in the morning and yea afterwards cleaned up the house and headed straight to Mascot to see some apartments building in progress. 

Sunday, 15th of March 
It was my first time playing the piano at church. It was nerve-wrecking and I could feel my feet shaking while pressing the pedal. I even played the intro with lots of key-misses. Oh well. 

Monday, 16th of March

I didn't wake up this morning and missed the morning lecture. Well I missed the afternoon lecture. Decided to stay at home and caught up with my lectures but then I fell asleep! Just great, another ambitious checklist remain undone. But I did get an energy boost from the nap time I had. Anyway, that evening, Ci Chenny was graduating from her theology studies at Moore College. The graduation was at Angel Place. But before then, Kriska and I accompanied Haubert to the hair salon. Yea, it was for me to observe how the hairdresser cuts. So much skills. 
Tuesday, 17th of March
Got lab in the morning and was almost late because the bus did not show up on time. 
Wednesday, 18th of March
Got super early to class and skipped breakfast. So when I arrived, I went directly to the microwave and heat up my lunch. So there goes my lunch. But after lab, Sharon and I went to eat some chicken noodle salad.
Thursday, 19th of March
First time going to lab for bacteria and diseases. It was really intense since our group finishes last. But my demonstrator was great. He was very thorough although during the introduction my mind went totally blank from all the microbiology 1 thought last year. 
Friday, 20th of March
I didn't hear the alarm and decided to just stay at home since I would miss the morning lecture anyway. Stayed home and did some organising. I also planned that I should go to ikea tomorrow for the 99c Drona box ! Such a bargain

Friday, March 13, 2015

Vania's bday + Bible Study

Happy birthday to Vania! The surprise was a bit of a hazy failure. It was a meh, she wasn't surprised at all. But at least she was happy.

After the surprise, we went to bible study. We continued on 1 Corinthians. My group finally finalised the name of our group! It was Jesus' Kingsmen. We should come up with a new group photo next! 

ci amei baked these 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Black n' White

Since my bacteria and diseases lab don't start till next week, I went out on a City trip with Vivi. We met up at Wynyard Station since she has been staying at her homestay at Lane Cove.

unhealthy lunch at Chanoma

we finished this sundae in no time

a pug at Elizabeth Bookshop <3



ended the night with N2

When I reached home, I was extremely exhausted. I still have Friday to worry about. Good thing it is only lectures. 
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