Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It was the opening of semester two, or so called as the Welcome Back O'Day! Similar to the first semester o'week, there were white booths and stalls along the main walkway of UNSW (not as many though).

Today, same like what I did the previous days, I did leafletting which was handing out flyers about Focus Indonesian Church which is a part of Campus Bible Study. It was utterly challenging for me to spot Indonesians. All Asians look the same to me. However, I could usually tell which ones are Koreans though as they are so fashionable! But the rest, if I don't hear them speak, I can't tell them apart.

We started around 10 (after I finished my BABS lecture).

The Blue Crew
There was a kindi farm too! Met the cutest little pig ever. They're not as fat as cartoons draw it. It's practically thin to me. The whole area smelled like the Racecourse (the place where I have exams). Yes, a racecourse, where horse racers compete. I have my finals there. Basically, the farm smells like the smell I remember to be exams. The familiar and unforgettable aroma of heart-throbbing moment during the journey to the examination hall. 

pigggggg <3

There was a bull-ride too. Not a real bull. The mechanical one. The one you get in a rodeo or something. Yeah, you probably must have watched it in movies. Met Josephine, Clifford and Yangyou there. LOL.

Yangyou rode for 42 seconds.

after a couple of hours, first position was changed though. I didn't get the chance to see who it was. 

an android mascot! 
We kept on flyering till about 12. I had lecture at 1 and had to eat lunch first. 

ate sushi <3
Then when I had lecture, the rest of the blue crew had a bible talk. We finished at the same time. And after we had finished, we returned to flyering.

We saw a 3D printing going on too! Uber cool!

got a balloon 

held a chick
I got the chance to carry a chick. And I got to feel the sharpness of the fidgeting chick's feet. I got to feed a goat too. Should have taken a picture of it, but my hands were dirty from touching the animals. LOL. I was afraid I could spread the germs or some sort. 

At around 4, I had to depart with the others because I was having an appointment study for psychology research participation. I finished at 5. 

At around 7, Cim, Haubert and I went to Focus Team together at the Chemical Engineering building. It was my first time there. Met Mae-Ann. She was really friendly. I will be having focus team every tuesday at 7. Excited! That night, I learned that the Bible is mainly focused on facts and preaching gospels allegorically and centering ourselves to relate with any story in the bible is wrong. Not to mention, the Old Testament (OT) and New Testament (NT) relates. But not all OT stories have any relationship to NT. But the main point is that Bible is factual. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sushi Tengoku

The last day of holiday! Tomorrow I'll be starting the first week of second semester in my first year of my Medical Science major. I should maximise the end of this fantastic memorable holiday with a sushi buffet at Sushi Tengoku!

The buffet started at 8. It was super exciting. I had never experienced a sushi buffet before. Moreover, it was a while since I ate my last sushi in Sydney.

Ci Fen2 and Ci Lily

first dish

the tofu is nice

this is good. calamari i guess? 


aaaa! the best one of all! 

The dinner was extremely great. It was delicious! However, I couldn't enjoy the dinner optimally. I was worried if I would get another strike after my 6th strike and a final warning has been imposed. I was eating the food really fast. I should eat it in a more slow mode to savour all the juicy flavours inside this piece of art. I was Facebook-messaging my RA to help me out defending me to the other RA that I was going to be late and that I could get away with it. She said she could help me and I was a bit relieved. 

At 10, we started moving out, and I arrived at the terraces at 20 minutes pass 10. I saw Grace's text that the RA hadn't knocked on her door yet. So, basically I passed the bed check. And no strike for me. I was really grateful for the RA who was trying to help me though. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Walk up (24/7 - 26/7)

Focus Indonesian Church was having a walkup to hand out flyers to Indonesian newcomers in search of a church while still being a brand new settler in Sydney.

Despite the fact that these three days being an orientation day, there were very little people coming to uni. The university was practically deserted.

However, on the second day, it was more of a crowder event because there was booths opening in the Scientia Building. The balloons were the hint of the location.

Walking up to people was a struggle at first. It was challenging to approach people and asking them whether they were Indonesian or not, then proceeding in telling about the presence of Focus Indonesian in UNSW campus and inviting them to a welcoming event that is happening on the 2nd of August.

scientia building is that building right there. 
For break time, Tomas, Andrew, Ko Freddy and I went to eat at Petaling Street Malaysian restaurant.

Then we continued on searching for more Indos.

There was a moment, where there was a Psychology student doing her honour year who approached Tomas, Cim and I. She was asking us whether we wanted to take part in an experiment she was doing. I immediately without hesitation agreed because she said that she would pay 10 bucks for it. And it only took 30 minutes top.

The experiment I needed to do was press 2 keys on the keyboard, D and H. Each key represents chips or water. First part of the experiment, I was asked how much I want to drink water and want to eat chips. Then at midpoint, I was told to drink 3 glasses of water which literally decreased my want of drinking water. Moreover, I was shown aversive pictures, and had to choose which one was more gruesome. I had to squint my eyes while doing it because I was afraid I would get traumatised by the images. But after a while, I got used to the repeating images and had my eyes wide open. The psychology student told me that the aversive pictures were just used to boost some part of my nerve if I am not mistaken. Then, for the reward, I got 10 bucks, a bottle of water and a bag of chips. Finally! I got a bottle of water!

This is probably my first time experiencing a research participation. The awkward thing was I was talking about this to Andrew previously. LOL.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Rocks- Aroma Festival

You must have thought that you might probably missed this post even though you are so faithful in reading this blog (LOL) but it's my fault anyways that I have been neglecting my poor little pudding-me site.

There was an Aroma Festival at The Rocks! Went there after church service with a bunch of friends!

neve knew that this character is so famous

the whole lot

it was a nice weather

girl photo
Apparently, Evie was with us for some time then she went to travel and ventured alone.

We stopped by a hot dog van to try out the famous Agape delicious hot dog.

got our buzzers ! 

our share! the forks were too many, they seem to be like candles sticking out of a bday cake. 

Turkish Coffee

belly dance! can't believe I got a shot of that guy giving a thumb up. 

An incident happened! I accidentally kicked a cup of coffee lying on the floor and it splashed on Ci Copin's longchamp bag. I felt so bad, I wiped it off and I was super nervous that it would stain and leave a coffee stench.


lots of people
There were a lot of booths concerning the theme "aroma", hence why the festival is called the aroma festival. There were tea stalls, ginger ale stall, cupcake stalls, chocolate stalls, and many more.

this looks really good



We wanted to order Green tea latte but then when we reached in front of the line, these guys told us that they were out of green tea lattes. The last green tea latte was sold 10 minutes ago. Henceforth, I bought earl grey tea latte which is not that bad too. It was decent and had a very relaxing smell.

me with ci copin

profiteroles? idk the spelling

Kriska, caro, ci copin, ci fen2, tante alice
chocolate covered strawberries! 

i love the ginger taste! so warm yet so tasty

a vintage shop indeed



found Charlie Chaplin

not to forget this awesome photo! too much noise though, but that's alright
In brief, it was totally a great day to spend the good weather in the sun enjoying the splendidness of the aroma festival at the rocks. We got to taste and obtain some memorable bits and pieces that ought to be cherished a worthwhile of time. At the end of the day, there were a lot of photos to be uploaded, the coffee on Ci Copin's bag dried off and we went home with full tummies and empty purses (just exaggerating). All in all, it was awesome. 

So sorry for the less amount of text in this post. 
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