Saturday, January 31, 2015

Last 2 Weeks Recap of January

18th of January, Sunday
I served by playing the piano again today. I got a bachang from a very kind old lady at church too. Got bakpia too from a teacher as well. For lunch we ate the porridge at Bubur Mangga Besar 1. It was not as nice as the nasi hainam but it was alright. I don't like the taste of the ginger though. 

19th of January, Monday
It rained all day. I forgot what I did today. Sorry. 

20th of January, Tuesday
I stayed at home playing the piano and helped mom teach her class of students. 

21st of January, Wednesday
Visited Le Old Town with Vivi and Ci Lisda [link]

22nd of January, Thursday
Reunion with Catoz and Earl ! [link]

23rd of January, Friday
Cut mom's students' hair! Super awesome! I love cutting hair on a real person. I dislike my doll's hair. A person hair is better. So today marks the day I handled cutting a boy's hair. It was different. It took me 2hr ish to cut one head! I was too afraid to mess it up so I did it very slowly. Not to mention my teacher's salon was booked with people. She was busy herself. Have I mentioned I have stopped attending Johnny Andrean ? Well, I did. I finished the whole lesson and was lazy to repeat. Besides, they don't make me work on a real person as often. I only did 2 haircut on real customers during my study there at JA. I moved on! Yey. I felt bad for mom's students though for waiting too long. I am just slow. I don't want to mess it up okay! I have my alibi! 

24th of January, Saturday
I had a reunion with JIC people at Grand Indonesia. Some of them couldn't make it but it was super fun meeting them and bidding Stella as she is leaving for the States day after tomorrow. We talked a lot too! Plus I changed my phone to S5! Thanks Dad!  [link]

25th of January, Sunday
I didn't play the piano this morning and so I joined my family with the morning session church service. Afterwards, I helped out in the library with Vivi and Helen. I thought there would be lots of work for me wrapping books with plastic but there were no wrappers available which was such a shame because in the end we did nothing. For lunch, we tried the famous SongFaBakkutTeh. It was so peppery. It was alright but not over the top. It was good to try but I wouldn't want to return back for more. 

26th of January, Monday
Happy Australia Day! You know how I know if it's Australia Day, it's from a Snapchat Live story! HappyStrayaDay! I spent the day buying myself a clipper at Pasar Baru! The single wahl clipper cost me Rp.350,000.00. I could still bargain for it but I felt bad because at first I bought the big set clipper which includes 4 sets of the comb with the oil thingy cleaner and I already settled with the bargain price which was Rp.430.000,00 from 450k originally. But then before I asked the seller if they sold the comb separately and she said yes the metal ones which costs 35k but it was unavailable. I didn't think and went for the whole package deal up till the point when I went upstairs and Vivi began chatting with me why I bought it with that much money if I could just buy the single one plus the separate combs. That would definitely cost me much less than the complete package. Then it suddenly hit me why I was so stupid and was so hasty in making my decision. I complained at her why she didn't tell me in the shop instead of telling me later on. Anyway we went back, ask for an exchange. The seller was again unhappy. Gah I hate her. At least be nice to your customer puhlease!!! This seller was putting a pout on her face the whole time I was there. She only smiled when I said I was ready to pay for the clipper. That smile was so not worth it, I felt like ripping her face off.. Okay I need to cool down. I wish I had seen her name but nobody was wearing a name tag. I know things could get a little heated up and tense at work but at least show that you are happy in welcoming a customer. But then again for a shop at Pasar Baru nobody does that. Upon the exchanging process she was a bit hesitant and disagreed at first. She said that the box was opened (yes it was opened by her to check if the machine is working or not) but I rebutted in my defense that I haven't used it yet so it's still brand new. She finally shut her mouth and told her assistant to fetch me the single one. I quite adore the assistant and also felt sorry for her to bare the anger of such a pouty seller. Okay I am putting another detail here that she is wearing a blue scarf on top of her head as a hijab so I won't forget what she looks like. 

After the shopping, we went home and at around 2ish we made our move to Djakarta Theater to watch The Immitation Game. Such an awesome movie! Super mindblown with the great mathematicians there! 

27th of January, Tuesday
I played the Sims4 and created a household of 6 people. I really enjoy creating the sim. However everything was not saved because I forgot to save it when it suddenly crashed when I was playing it. 2 couples were officially dating and I was about to make a move on the next couple. They were all good friends already and I blew it. I didn't save it. 

28th of January, Wednesday
I accompanied Vivi to Medical Checkup. I was still addicted to Strange Adventure and was stuck in the last level of the game. There was this black screen coming up every time. I thought it was a bug error of the game but it was part of the game. It was THE trick. It got me fooled alright. It was a bad idea to be playing this game in the car on the road. I got tremendously carsick and I felt nauseas. Medical checkup which includes: XRAY, Urine Test, consulting with the doctor and checking height and weight costs about RP 425.000,00. I forgot how much it costs when it was my turn which was 2 years ago. I couldn't remember any XRAYs going on but I guess they added it this year. After we went back home, we went to Indomaret and bought snacks and bought avocado juices which was super refreshing. It only costs Rp.6,0000.00 for a glass of avocado juice unlike in Aus which costs 5AUSD at UNSW. Afterwards, mom told me to go to the hair salon and asked my teacher to teach me the Shaggy cut. I used my doll because I don't have any models' hair to be cut. My teacher was fine with it. When I got back from class, I helped Vivi with copying questions for Mom's tuition class. 

29th of January, Thursday
Woke up at 10:20 of which I had to rush myself and got ready for my haircut lesson because I was expecting my hair models to arrive at 11. I thought I should arrive first and I had to buy bread for my teacher so that would take more time. Anyway I left home at 15 minutes to 11 which was incredibly late for me to do so. I speed walked really fast. I even bumped a gate and might have displaced it a bit which kind of made the guard angry at me and might have shouted at me but I didn't turn back and kept on walking. I didn't even say sorry which made me feel guilty. I quickly chose the bread I wanted to buy and asked the cashier what time was it. She said it was 10 minutes past 11 which I thought was impossible because I walked really fast already. When I arrived at the salon it was 3 minutes to 11 which calmed me a bit because I was punctual and to my luck the hair model had not arrived yet. So I waited for an hour they did not come. I talked with my teacher and a couple of other customers who were curling their hair. I told my mom that the models did not come so my mom sent her student's maid to come. I had to pick her up again because she did not know the place. I cut her hair. A straight model. But that was what I did that day. Which was a complete waste. The models still had not come when I left at about 1:30. I felt disappointed. Later that day I watched another psychotic thriller Se7en. And at night watched St Vincent. Both of them were alright. 

ps: Today also marks the day I exploded with anger to one of my mom's student. I simply couldn't handle her. Such a lazy bump and she couldn't understand Simple Present Tense after all those teachings!!! 

30th of January, Friday
I woke up late with itching throat. My dry cough gets worse. Today I did not have to go to the haircut lesson. I asked Mom if I could watch a movie instead. She said Yes. So Vivi and I went to Plaza Semanggi today and watched Foxcatcher. We watched with Ci Lisda. It was such a lengthy movie! Super dragging. If it weren't for Steve Carell I would not give it a try. The movie was based on a true story of John Du Pont and two wrestling brothers of whom I forgot the names. See I only remember Carell's character. The movie was about 2.5hour ish and it was painful. The climax was just 7 minutes before the ending and that too was just out of the blue. I would nominate this movie to be the most boring movie I have watched in the cinema. Congratulations to Foxcatcher. After the movie we went to eat. I ordered Jjajangmyun from a korean stall in the food court. There was a promo of getting a notebook for buying 2 of them but luckily we got 2 notebooks with 2 noodles. I guess the mas2 was super kind to us. 

ps: Vivi and I finally finished our translation project!!!!! It took us 3 weeks to do because we kept on delaying. 

31st of January, Saturday
I had diarrhoea today and in fact that was the reason why I woke up quite early today. I woke up at a quarter to 8 which was such a major improvement. But when I got back from nature call I spent 2 hours on 9gag and suddenly I dozed off again and didn't wake up till half past 12. I spent the day practicing piano for tomorrow and also we went out to see Wild Card. It was an action movie and was quite alright. So much better than Foxcatcher. Then we ate salmon teriyaki in Gandy steakhouse, bought hot chocolate from Starbucks and went home. There was a sale on books but I didn't see any interesting kind. And besides I still have tons of books at home, unread. Then at home I continued practicing the piano and watched White Chicks with my parents on HBO. We had a good laugh. I guess that marks the end of January. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Run around in circles (Reunion with JIC people)

It's time to reunite with JIC peeps again and also bidding Stella goodbye as she takes her flight to the US day after tomorrow. It has been a long holiday but we only get to meet twice. Anyway, we decided to meet up at this restaurant called wait for it.. this might take a mouthful... Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho. Shortened as H5. I guess the setting is quite unique. It has its street alley vibe to it. Not to mention it's such a fun conversation starter and an ice breaker, saying hello to someone. Come on it's an amazing concept.

pad thai

bahnmi it;s been a while my friend, doesnt taste as good as in Aus tho. sorry

they look like planets

The reason why we went to Colette and Lola was that when we walked into Union, the place was amazingly crowded. The waiting line is lasts for an hour. I can't wait that long because my dad and my sisters were in Grand Indonesia too and it would be so unfair if I spent so much time just to wait for a table. But this cakeshop is a great one. The service was awesome. Loving the waiters, they are hyped and fast at their work. Although when I asked them to take a photo they were a bit slow to be called though. But that's just a side note. 

We talked and I so wish I had more time though, I have so many questions to ask and catch up with people. AAAA. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

With a few good friends

Despite the mini reunion we had today I had tons of fun exchanging stories along with Catoz, Earl and also Dennise!


avocado coffee! 

this looks unappetizing!! 

my fruit punch

this cassava is amazing

yakult soju


finally got to try this

photo credit: earl! how amazing is his photo skill

and look at mine. LOL. 

We had such a good time eating good food and reminiscing old times. We had a good laugh at Shirokuma since the waiter was super friendly and funny. My stomach was about to burst!!! Unbelievable. 
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