Friday, August 29, 2014

SOAP Symphony

The day that I have been looking forward to since the day I started crashing to one of my friend's orchestra rehearsal during my Tuesday break is finally HERE. I have been waiting patiently for about 4 weeks and now I could treat my ears for some soothing music.

Today did not start accordingly well as planned. Firstly, I set my alarm clock at 4:30 in the morning. But being someone who is a heavy sleeper, it seems very ambitious of me to do something impossible. Well, I did wake up but just to turn off the alarm. I heard Cim moaning all the time in a very pissed tone whenever my alarm went off. I purposefully snoozed it every time it went off just to assure that I might wake up but alas my attempt to wake up early in the morning to finish studying for my biochemistry quiz went down the drain.

Guess what, I slept in and woke up at 9 feeling worse because I did not know if I could manage to finish where I had left off. I started to panic. But before leaving for uni, I at least was able to scheme everything.

It was drizzling outside. Rain has been pouring down on Sydney for two weeks.

On a completely different notice, I fell down once because my mind was too occupied about something. I did not see there was an uneven plane in front of me and I tripped. It was a terrible fall and all I could think of in my head was the word "haemorrhage". Thank you so much for the courses I take in Medical Science, that as soon as I fell, the first word that popped up in my brain was the word to describe blood that escaped from the circulatory system. I tried waking up, I could not care less if there was people watching (I guess no one saw me), my pants just around my knee tore because of hitting the ground so hard. Suddenly, there was this man whom I met earlier approached me saying if I was alright. I was so grateful to him that he took sympathy. I did not know that anyone would saw my great fall. I was kind of embarrassed. Good thing I did not break anything and was still able to continue walk on my own. Thank God, it was not a rainy day that time, or else the fall would be worse.

To continue talking about the rain and the fall, I was on my way to the bus stop today, it was raining, I was rushing and my biggest fear of slipping just came true. I fell down. The woman who was walking beside me suddenly asked me if I was alright, again I was embarrassed. I had a trouble time of decoding why my lower limbs were not synchronised that made me lose balance. I fell down at the same location where I hurt my knee. I quickly got back up, thanked the woman, and quickly rushed again to catch my bus.

My first class which was Pharmacology tutorial is always a blur to me. I should start re-listening to the lectures again. This is the only subject I am left behind. I am totally clueless.

I decided to study for my biochem quiz that day rather than going to the lectures. I had a quiz at 4 and I spent the rest of the hours to study. I was thinking I should do my best on the quiz and so that I could enjoy the reward I give to myself that night (ie the concert).

Quiz was not as hard as I had imagined but I made a couple of mistakes. But oh well, I could just catch up with the next quizzes that is happening in two weeks time. I can't believe mid-semester exam is just right around the corner. AGRGH.

After we had finished the quiz, I felt like shouting at the top of my lungs, being so psyched about the concert. I could not help myself but to smile all the way. I could feel myself being so cheerful that very moment. As if a heavy burden had been lifted off.
ps: This is my first ever concert!

UNSW orchestra

love the trumpet trio! <3 -- they were playing Anderson's 'Bugler's Holiday'

first half is done and should I say, it was marvelous

lol, this is just like a normal selfie taken at a normal lecture. this is a lecture hall btw. -_-
we took this selfie in the middle of the 15 minute interval break between the transition from the UNSW orchestra
to the UNSW wind symphony. 

the second half is just about to begin with STAR WARS theme! what a great start
Finale was Howard Shore's The Lord of the Rings soundtrack arranged by the conductor, Steven Capaldo himself
this was seriously the best and it was a great choice to end the night.
Why are they so good at this! kyaaaa

Throughout the concert, I felt goosebumps everywhere and the show was totally worth it. They had spent all those weeks of rehearsal for such a great performance. I was in awe from the beginning till the very end. My highlight of the whole show was without a doubt The Lord of The Rings medley but also an unfamiliar song composed by Percy Grainger called Lads of Wamphray. This march song was very refreshing indeed. 

I could not possibly wait for their next upcoming performance. I hope they play something that I am familiar of. :) 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Twist Conference 2014

Some of the music team members from church attended T.W.I.S.T (The Word In Song Together) or as Kristel and I call it True Worshiping in Spirit and Truth. It is fascinating to be reminded again that we should take worshipping very seriously as we are praising our True and Living God. All start with the heart and how sincere we are in serving and that will eventually project our enthusiasm to the church so that the church would be encouraged by the lyrics of the songs and sing with full heart to God. Moreover, most importantly, the audience of the worships and praises is the Lord and not us. Therefore, we, as a congregation should unite and present our best-est to the Lord.

Later on that afternoon, I joined the Piano session and there we were taught about some chords and some variations. I am super rusty with my piano skills since I barely touch and play the piano anymore. But after today's conference I was super pushed and I felt ignited once more to play the piano again. Should start sharpening those scales one more time.

indonesian noodle sold at city. I forgot the name. LOL. but it was really good and it made me long for indonesian
noodle more

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rockstar Cookery at Kev's

Another lunch fiesta at Kevin's. A gorgeous day to make ourselves risotto and a cheesecake with the help of the magical hands of Arya-san. I know you probably are reading this, Kev. I wish I could elaborate more praises but with my limited English vocabulary let's just leave it at that. Oh, and I also added the "san" just referring how much you adore Japan.

I woke up really early and left before 9 to catch my bus but my bus left me. This made me walk all over to the top of the hill to reach the bus stop near the hospital and wait for by bus to Bondi there. It was awfully chilly. But the sun was out and no hint of rain.

breakkie for us! 

dill with some fish from a jar. it is surprisingly sweet


with a drizzle of olive oil

i just love the reflection on the spoon

cheesecake <3 

We spent the rest of the day singing to songs on spotify. Later that night, I had to go back home earlier than the rest of the whole lot. My uncle and his fam asked Cim and I out for dinner. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Potluck Sunday and VIP

First time of GFI holding a PotLuck Sunday. It was awesome and refreshing and we get to indulge with the hidden culinary talents of church members. On top of this, the fellowship that we get to cherished was the cherry on top or should I say : Fellowship being cherry-ished. LOL. Get on with the reading and ignore my dry comment.

ci icing's baso goreng! AMAZEBALL!! 

pretty rainbow cake <3

rice cake

There is another upcoming event especially for new students that have enrolled in this semester intake. It's called VIP- Very Important Person.


the welcomers! 

pistachio macarons made by Ci Steph! 

birthday surprise! Happy birthday Ci Stella

Happy birthday ko popo 

The night was filled with short skits that portrayed how people think importantly about themselves but there is always someone who is higher. The hierarchy is endless. Being very egoistic in our point of views, we always feel superior against people who have lower statuses compared to us. Moreover, being brought up in this world, we are shoved up with the idea of how essential the term "status" is. 
As taken from the book of Luke about the parable of the tax collector and the pharisee, both were sinful but the only difference is that the tax collector was sincere about his prayer while the pharisee was too over himself and still guiltless in his prayer. But then Jesus said that "those who humble themselves will be exalted and those who exalt themselves will be humbled before God" (Luke 18: 9-14).

Worldy importance such as the higher statuses is not as important as compared to how we are saved from God's wrath with the death of Jesus Christ. Let's just face it here, somebody dying for us due to our sins, who would do that except for the Son of God himself whose love for us is beyond comparison.  And because he died for us, we definitely should be grateful and always put the kingdom of God first as that is the main intention of Jesus dying in the first place. :):) Keep on going forth in the race and complete till the end of the line which is heaven. 
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