Friday, May 31, 2013

King of Wishful Thinking

Addicted to this song! Such a mood-booster! 

Kay! I should start with studying CHEM1011 now! 

I found another unique tumblr website! 
have a look at this:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

BABS 1201 Procrastinating Process

I am inside Red Center now in one of the rooms on Mezanine floor, in the middle of doing BABS lab report which should be handed in on Thursday at 6pm. And this inner piece inside of me felt that I have to blog. So, the procrastination continues.

Anyway, I am addicted to Kurt Hugo Schneider's improvisations on music! Those of you who read my blog from the very start, I think I have mentioned about him before!

medley genius!

couldn't stop listening to this! simply amazing

kyaa! love this more than the original one

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Savitri's Birthday

Happy birthday to SAVITRI ! 
May you be more godly, faithful in our only awesome Big Daddy Jesus Christ !

I designed this just for you! My head was about to explode from studying all those chemical stuffs and I managed to spare some time to sharpen up my photoshop skills my photoshop-ing your face! It was all for a good cause though! 

after church with the birthday girl! 
Happy 21st Birthday!
God bless you always!
Good luck in all the medicinal courses you're taking right now! 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vivid Sydney

This is a continuation from the previous blog post in which I have mentioned tidbits about my outing to Vivid Sydney later that evening after Clare's birthday!

Let all the fun begin!

So, I left Clare's birthday at around 4-ish after Cim and I finished playing 7 Wonders. Then we walked to my place and arrived around 15 minutes later. Packed some stuffs up and then met up with Bunga and Della. And we went to the main walkway to wait or the others. By the bye, Cim didn't tag along.

We waited for the others to show up one by one. Then we rode on the bus to the city as Nichole was not showing up which we later on knew from Santa that Nichole was already in the city. We were going to masticate some appetising Korean BBQ somewhere in a restaurant called Madang in the city.

We chitchat a lot in the bus! :3

Upon arriving to the city, I just remembered that I did not have any cash in my wallet. Whoops, about to say "purse" instead of "wallet". Purse sounds a bit girly to some extend, do you reckon? I just noticed another thing in Aussie, most people use this phrase (can I call it phrase?) "do you reckon". It sounds really polite! LOL.

staircase. --" 
 Yey, we finally arrived to Madang! There were a huge line waiting out there! However, fortunately, Nichole had saved us a table so we just went in and sat! Thank you Nichole!  謝謝你! 

everybody busy with technology except for Rinda. 

ooo... aaaa... ! 小心!
the address.. anyone? LOL. 
Santa came

capjae <3

raw beef.. this tastes good but if you eat too much, it tastes mushy 

pork rolls. all the precious layers of fat

korean pancakes

gonna grill 'em 
this one too

chew chew chew

Kathleen came later on. 

santa and nichole

how ponderous I look. 

Della and Diana

I was trying to finish that raw beef thing. 

group photo minus me. 
To be frank, I felt really full, yeah that for sure, felt really happy that my craving for beefs had been fulfilled that night. Not to mention, I almost break a plate there but thankfully I didn't. That was a huge relief. phew. I did not have to pay a fine or anything.

Then we proceeded on the journey to witness before our eyes Sydney's Winter Festival. I had really high expectations on this. I even looked up images days before going to get a picture what Vivid Sydney years ago looked like. They all looked amazing!

street musician! 
street musician! And I just knew from Ci Lily that he had once appeared in Australia's Got Talent! AAA 

LOL. only raymond was ready here! HAHAHA. the others had their eyes fixed to the glamorous acoustic player. 

this reminds me of Grand Indonesia --"
LOL. --" 

it's 7:30 and off we went to Vivid Sydney

more street musicians! 

saw this sphere-looking figure. 

awkward looking me.. but that left hand of mine is looking pretty f-ine.. kyaaa! i love my left hand pose. LOL. it looks super awesome! It looks boney and model-like.. :P .. Too much exaggeration. I know, I better stop now. 
kathleen. and here me, bunga, della, diana and kathleen were separated with the others. First separation. 

Green and orange! My favourite colours 

this reminds me of a popsicle. --" I know it's a bizarre depiction but who cares. 

Later on, after taking pictures with Bunga's camera, Diana and I were lost again. We were separated from the group. So we wandered around just the two of us in search of the others. We took photos too along the way. It was simply too crowded! Lovebirds, families, children were enjoying the festival.

Speaking about separation, this reminds me of The Script's Six Degrees of Separation song! Kyaa! love it! Adore it! Full of deep meanings!

After a while, we later reunited with the others but not with Bunga, Della and Rinda. They were missing somewhere. My phone was about to die soon. I should stick around with people you know. If I were to wander by myself with a dying phone, I would be so screwed.

Anyway, we decided to stop by at a toilet, but to our misbeliefs, the toilet was completely packed! Just look at the line!

 Below are some photos of optical fibres being stuck in a pot to look like jellyfishes. This was probably my favourite part of the whole Vivid Sydney. In fact, this was the highlight! These fibres change colours in some kind of time intervals. It was super duper colourful!

oh yeah met up with grace too. she finished her assignment and decided to join us! 

light projected on a cruise


rinda was looking at the other camera. LOLOLOL. 
 We were taking a long time on this globe taking retake after retakes. And this random guy was waiting for us and he started to shout at us, well to me actually. He was shouting at me for taking too long and not being considerate to others. He was staring into my soul. That was really scary. I know it was my fault but you don't have to be angry.

i was not even ready duh 

in the toilet. LOL. 
 We finally eased ourselves inside the Opera House with the deluxe restrooms provided there. It was awkwardly empty. Oh well, we got the room to ourselves. Hence, explains the photo.

Next on, we started to make our move to have a nibble at Pancakes on The Rocks. And then me, Rinda, Kathleen, Raymond, Santa lost track once more with the others. Third time being away from the group. Gr-eat..

Around this time, it was almost reaching 10 pm at night which usually is my bed check at the Terraces. I have distinctively asked permission through email to my advisor and and the head of terraces the day before. My advisor did not reply and the head of terraces told me if I there were people over 18 coming it would be fine with us to go. In fact, there were people who were above 18 coming with us : Rinda, Raymond, Santa, Diana, Dana.

My battery was 0% at the moment. I borrowed Rinda's portable battery but it would not charge! Weird phone.

what is so cool about this is that it has a sound sensor so whenever you clap near it, it would dim itself and relight. 
 Throughout the walk I was having this nudging worry inside of me.

Arriving at the Pancakes shack, it was crowded. People were lining up! It was late at night too and still people were ready to wait in line for pancakes.

Back to the point, Grace was just called by the RA and I think I had to give them a call too. So I borrowed Grace's phone because my phone was completely dead. I told the RA the reason and he said he would discuss it in the office later on. And let me guess, I would receive an email on Monday about my underage absence. Predictable. And you know what, because of this being a late post and it has been a week since I went to Vivid Sydney, I actually got an email from the Terraces. Bunga, Della and Grace got the same email too. I replied and gave my reasonings to her and after a few emails she did not reply back. Err..

the line

Gerald aka Apeng. LOL. 


waiting for our orders to arrive

dana! fun girl

ordered 6 dishes for 11 people ! GLUTTON MUCH! 

If I was not mistaken we ordered: Blackforest Cherry, Macadamia Madness, Baha-sth Apple, Banana sty, Strawberry sth, and some kind of peanuts thingy. Didn't remember each and every menu we ordered.

Pretty stuffed!

We talked and talked till midnight! Then we went home. Took the bus, and to our luck the ticket machine was broken. It was not working  and it was a free ride home .  YIPEE

So, we arrived at half past midnight, and we decided to stop by at the Campus Security to ask whether Rinda could get a ride home using the car provided in uni. Unfortunately, the ride was only available to around Kingsford not Maroubra. I asked her if she wanted to stay at my place cause it was really late at night. Santa was staying for the night as well!

Slumber party! LOL! It was a good thing, we got a mattress from Ko Sui and Ci Grid. LOL. THANK YOU THE THIES!

Drank green tea and talked till 3-ish in the morning. Got to know one another more which was super awesome! My voice got coarse after all the talking and I couldn't sing the next day at church. Whoah.
Unforgettable day that is.

PS: get well soon and don't skip meals! <3
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